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2.5G and 3G Wireless Networks

Application Development and Systems Integration Issues for 3G Applications 

There are a number of application integration issues and considerations that developers must consider:

  • Selection of the most appropriate device and operating system platform - this should be based on the target application requirements, availability of development tools, development experience base of the team, and many more

  • Selection of communications gateways that can handle different implementations of 3G networks - GSM/GPRS,  1xRTTCDMA, Edge and full-fledged UTMS networks.

  • Support in appropriate application servers like IBM's WebSphere, BEA's WebLogic, Oracle's 9i and Mobileum's iPlanet.

  • Whether the application will have both real-time always-on capability and offline capability in case of poor coverage, lack of coverage

  • Software support for roaming in and out of networks including wireless public hot spots (WiFi LANs) and wide area wireless networks

  • Selection of server platform - Microsoft Windows, Sun's Solaris, IBM's AIX , etc. 

  • QoS (Quality of service) in terms of performance as measured by the number of transactions the server can handle per second, response time (transit time through various layers of communications, application server and database software)

  • Role of any specialized mobile Middleware, if appropriate

  • Compatibility with existing software architecture employed by the carrier or the enterprise

  • and, More 

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