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2.5G and 3G Wireless Networks
Implementation Plans of Various Network Providers
(Based on Press Reports - Caution Advised - MobileInfo)

Carrier  Network/Handset Vendor  Time Table and Comments
North America - Committed to CDMA 1xRTT ***1 (Quoted- Twice of 2G voice capacity, data @ 153 Kbps - realistic 40-60 Kbps at user level, handsets with greater talk time of 2.5 to 3.8 hours and standby time of 230-350 hours); 
Verizon - largest provider in USA - over 30 million subscribers in Jan 2002 Motorola and Kyocera Coverage in selected cities in 2002 - being expanded gradually 
Sprint USA - Number 4 cellular carrier in US - over 14 million in January 2002 but with very aggressive 3G coverage plans Lucent, Nortel, Samsung for network, Hitachi phones, Sierra Wireless modems July 2002 - national coverage (press reports) across USA - First version 144 Kbps wireless data- second upgrade by the end of 2002 will increase this speed to 288 Kbps. Multi-media 3Mbps by 2004
United States Cellular - Midwest-based, 3.5 million subscribers   $400-500 million plan over three years (2002-2004)
Western Wireless Corp. Ericsson for network, GTRAN Wireless handset  
Alltel  LG Electronics for network, Novatel Wireless modems  
Bell Mobility, Canada    
North America - Committed  to GSM/GPRS 
Realistic speed expected around 20 to 40 Kbps; Pricing - AT&T's GPRS plan **starts** at >$49.99 per month for voice service + 1MB of data.
AT&T Wireless Nokia By end of 2002 GSM for voice. GPRS rollout to be completed by 2004.
Cingular- probably second largest carrier after Verizon Nokia, Ericsson and Siemens (dual-band phones) Plan to spend $4 billion - 18 months rollout - starting late 2001- among first with GSM
Microcell, Canada   First GSM/GPRS provider in North America and Canada
Rogers AT&T, Canada   TDMA to GSM/GPRS - 2002 
Other Technologies like iDEN
Nextel - iDEN    
Europe - Mostly committed to GSM/GPRS
Vodafone - In 28 countries -Europe's largest and also in Americas, Asia, Africa Different vendors (Nortel and others)   
BT   60 pounds ($87US) for 50MB - 2001 
TIM GSM/GPRS 30Euros ($27.00US) for 60 MB data
NTT DoCoMo - iMode & 3G FOMA    128 byte packet  costs 0.3 yen ($0.0025 US); 200K data will cost $3.90
J-Phone  W-CDMA  

***1- Handset manufacturers like GTRAN Wireless Inc., Kyocera Corp., Novatel, Samsung, Sanyo and Sierra Wireless have announced handsets based on Qualcomm's MSM5105 chip set. While CDMA 1XRTT handsets are available in Asia, there were not many handsets ready for deployment in North America in Jan 2002. 

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