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Wireless Network-Specific Application Development Tools 

Wireless Network-specific Development Tools: Several wireless and mobile gateway software suppliers, such as Broadbeam, Oracle, IBM, Sybase iAnywhere and Telecordia Technologies offer mobile application development tool kits as well. Refer to their web sites for more detailed information on these tools. As an example, Geoworks provides "airboss" development SDK for mobile applications.  Click on the Product Guide button on our home page or on the left hand menu of this page for more products.

  • BREW (Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless) from Qualcomm's - CDMA and Telephony specific. 

  • OMAP from TI - Tool set for developing 3G multi-media applications using TI's chip set

IBM eNetwork Wireless Gateway is a client/server middleware (1996 circa) product that provides mobile users with access to existing IP-based applications over wireless and dial-up networks, without complex reprogramming. eNetwork Wireless Gateway and Mobile Client provide TCP/IP communications over wireless dial-up networks and performance-enhancing applications.  We expect IBM's Web Sphere Application Server to supercede this product.


  • Significantly improves wireless network performance while reducing costs
  • Integrates diverse wireless networks under a single industry-standard interface: TCP/IP
  • Extends enterprise-level security with authentication and encryption
  • Enables old 3270 and 5250 applications for wireless

Sybase iAnywhere Wireless Gateway - Go here for more

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