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Horizontal Applications

Wireless or Mobile Document Distribution 
Mobile professionals, especially sales professionals, need to send various documents, sales literature, or standard template-based but personalized letters to their clients while they are still in the field. 

In the past,  this could be done only by coming back to the office. Several vendors have started offering this functionality from the field without the sales professional ever going back to the office. By using specific commands and address information, documents and even e-mail attachments can be sent to the clients without ever going back to the office. In fact, one vendor, Retrieval Dynamics Corporation, is offering a unique implementation of this functionality. Not only can you send it electronically, but you can send the documents by fax, Fedex or ordinary mail, so long as you have loaded these documents on to its server. Once the electronic version of these documents is uploaded to Retrieval Dynamic's document server, by sending a simple command and the name of the document from a handheld device, PDA or smart phone, the document can be sent to one or multiple recipients in subscriber's address book.

In another implementation (non-ASP version), this can be done by on a server behind the firewall of a corporation, as well. 

This is how it works:


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