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Vertical Applications

Construction Industry Applications

  Photo courtesy of Xenocom
  • Dispatch of construction crew to a job site 
  • Project status monitoring and reporting
  • On-site estimation of small jobs
  • Scheduling of construction equipment like graders, trucks, etc.
  • Ordering of rental equipment to meet sudden demands
  • Transfer of  equipment from one site to another
  • Tracking of labor Time spent and  material used for cost plus projects
  • Crew card automation and transmittal through wireless networks

There are a number of project tasks that can be automated in the construction industry - a few common examples are provided above.

Site Inspection in Construction Industry
Site inspection and project status reporting is considered high value mobile application by construction engineers because it reduces the number of site visits by supervising engineers by half or greater. 

While the construction industry has been slow in adopting mobile computing and automation in the field, things are changing quite fast now,. With low-cost handheld devices available and several construction automation applications developed by enterprising startups, this industry has realized that savings can be substantial - a two year payback is not unusual in many cases.

Ruggedized Notebook and Handheld Applications
Construction industry environments dictate that the mobile devices be highly ruggedized that can withstand extreme temperatures ranges (hot and cold), be shock-resistant and be fall-proof from a distance of 3 to 4 feet on a concrete floor. Several vendors provide such ruggedized devices. Go to ruggedized end user device pages and vendors such as  Amrel and Xenocom.


  • AirToolz -  AirWavz, a wireless scheduling solution running on PDAs for or the residential and home construction industry. ...For residential construction scheduling and notification.

  • Sunrise Software - for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) application 

  • Wennsoft, Inc. - Job Cost is a build-to-order, detailed project tracking system including change orders, subcontractor management and detailed cost tracking. TimeTrack quickly and easily expedites time card processing for payroll.

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