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Vertical Applications
- Healthcare Applications -

Aristar Electronic Exit Survey to Collection Patient Satisfaction

The foundation of all quality assurance is data. Hospitals require efficient and cost effective ways to collect patient feedback and critical comments. Aristar developed a system to automate the collection of patient data for quality assurance programs.


  • Electronic Exit Survey (EES)
  • A client-server application
  • VSQ9 (Visit Specific Questionnaire 9) from Q-Mertic used to pre-load surveys
  • Aristar Survey Manager (ASM) reside on a server
  • Quick CE configuration allows multiple data-units at different sites to be configured with the identical questions
  • Features to customers survey questions
  • Automatically generated survey reports
  • Access to Quality Auditor
  • Removal of the program on the CE device
  • NEC MobilePro 880 PC Companion running on Windows CE
  • Utilized as a small counter-top kiosk
  • Large, bright touch screen
  • Access to Kensington Notebook Microserver Security System lock
  • Aristar Screen Privacy Shade and Tethered Touch Screen Pens are added to convert it into a counter top kiosk

Using NEC MobilePro touch-screen, patients enter their comments. The input is temporarily stored on the Windows CE device, and it is later removed to ASM server which is the permanent data repository.

Impact on Hospital Procedure
Traditional Methods of Collecting Data vs. EES

  • Traditional methods are plagued with poor questionnaires return rates, expensive mailing costs, and manually tabulated results. In contrast, Aristar’s solution is a simple, but effective means of collecting patient satisfaction data with the capacity to generate reports for providers, facility or collections dates. It is much less expensive than a full kiosk.

The Orthopedic / Rheumatology Group at Crystal Clinic in Ohio has reported the solution was a more efficient and cost effective method of collecting data than the traditional paper-based methods.

Potential benefits

  • Reduces labor costs
  • Increases customer compliance in providing information
  • Reduces cost and increase efficiency by automating data collection and eliminating the data entry process
  • Makes detailed reports constantly and immediately available
  • Facilitates follow-up and contact tracking by the qualify assurance person

For more information: www.aristar.com

This page was written based on information from Aristar, Inc.’s Website, dated June 2000.


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