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Vertical Applications
- Healthcare Applications -

Proper Identification of Medication and Specimens for Patient Care: 
Becton Dickinson Rx System and Dx Systems

To reduce preventable medication errors, Becton Dickinson (BD) has developed two systems.

  • Rx System enables nurses to access and record critical patient information before administrating medication.
  • Dx System ensures that specimens are collected from the right patient, at the right time, in the right tube.

The key component of the solution is its capacity to bring handheld devices to a patientís bedside and rapidly transfer mission-critical information between handheld devices and a central database located on an application server.

How the Solution Works
Using a Symbol 1740 computer with ScoutSync, medical professionals can view, update, and send timely patient information contained within the BD Rx/Dx Server from any location in the hospital.


  • Symbol SPT 1740 computer incorporates a bar code scanner and network communications technology running the Palm OS.
  • Rx System interfaces with the hospitalís pharmacy information system.
  • Dx System interfaces with the hospitalís laboratory information system.
  • Riverbed ScoutSync 3.0 mobile exchange software provides the connection between the Symbol 1740 device running Palm OS or Windows CE 2 or higher.

BDís preliminary studies have indicated that the BD Rx System could potentially reduce medication errors by as much as two-thirds and save a 400-bed hospital more than $1 million each year.

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This page was written based on information found at the above Websites, dated June 2000.


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