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Healthcare Applications

PlanetRX.comís Mobile Pharmacy & Prescription

PlanetRx.com partnered with IBM to deliver a mobile pharmacy, where consumers are able to not only ask a pharmacist questions but also purchase medication as well as medical supplies, vitamins, and healthcare products using Web-enabled Palm III devices.

Consumers simply download and install a free remote shopping application from the PlanetRX.com Web site to the Palm device, and then using a wireless or standard modem, they can place their orders.

IBMís Infrastructure Hardware and Software

  • RS/6000 SP Server, a UNIX server ideal for scientific, technical, and online transactions
  • Netfinity Server, an Intel processor that is scalable to meet all business requirements
  • Universal Database Software
  • WebSphere software for advanced e-business Web applications
  • Transcoding technology, which translates information from Web format to a format adaptable to the smaller form factor of handheld devices

According to IBM, this mobile shopping application is another example of how its pervasive computing strategy is expanding Web-based applications to smart devices.


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