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Vertical Applications
- Healthcare Applications -

Healthcare - Emergency Medical Services

  • Pen-based wireless Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Quite often, computer technology needs to be able to follow a medical worker out into the emergency room or a patient’s rehabilitation room after surgery. In these situations, pen-based computing can be used to provide a solution which meets the stringent requirements of the medical profession. Westech Information Systems, Inc., a Vancouver, BC, company has developed Emergency Medical Services (EMS), an application that covers the full gamut of activities — from the time an emergency call is dispatched through to the arrival of the patient in the emergency room. Vancouver General Hospital and British Columbia Service (BCS) and 33 other customers in North America are using or piloting Westech’s application.

The Westech application has three objectives:

  • increase the accuracy and completeness of patient data

  • enable data capture at source (that is, at the time and the location of the emergency)

  • improve the sharing of patient information among care givers

On-the-Spot Medical Data Capture
The access to accurate and timely information is a critical part of delivering quality emergency care. Westech's EMS makes it possible for paramedic crews to record important trauma information at the scene for later use by emergency room specialists. This information includes:

  • patient demographics, including name, address, birth date, etc.

  • patient condition, including state of consciousness, central nervous system, and cardiovascular system; condition of head, neck, chest; amount of blood lost; etc.

  • medical history including past history, current medications, known allergies, etc.

  • vital signs, including blood pressure, pulse, respiration, temperature, etc.

  • treatment provided, including IVs, medications, oxygen administered; transportation details;

  • trauma and scene details.

  • information about the crew and the particular call, including information about expenses.

Upon arriving at the hospital, the trauma team in the emergency room also uses a pen-based system to record vital signs and other medical information at the patient's bedside. The information from the paramedics is downloaded to an emergency room computer, which then displays both sets of data simultaneously to all members of the team via an overhead monitor.

Benefits of Westech Emergency Medical System
It replaces several paper forms that previously made finding and entering information difficult. It takes less time to enter all the information, which is entered only once, at the source. Data can be uploaded for billing and other needs, such as the production of legal reports.

Technology Used
The graphical user interface was developed with PenRight. It was originally developed on GRiD™ Convertible and PalmPad SL pen computers. Westech also supports both keyboard-driven MS Windows notebooks and Fujitsu pen tablets as device platforms of choice.


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