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Vertical Applications
- Healthcare Applications -

Healthcare Applications - HomeCare Application from IndigoOlive 

The home care industry continues its rapid growth as the dynamics the United States healthcare marketplace changes. Specifically, in an effort to decrease healthcare costs, insurers are discharging patient earlier from hospitals and providing more care in the home. While this shift has benefited the home care industry they are now being asked to care for sicker and more complicated patients that require quality care, follow-up and many ancillary services.

Summit Health Services in Greenburgh, PA., has developed MobileNurse, software that enables home-care nurses to access inventory, call up patient records and Medicare information on wireless notebooks, and to compare notes with other care givers. MobileNurse uses the Mobitex Ram network to access a centralized database.

Indigo Olive has developed IOS Datamine application that relies on standardized forms and allows communication with multiple constituencies involved in a patientís care and the strict government regulatory oversight requirements.

With IOS Datamine, homecarehomebase has been able to automate the most time intensive parts of their business: patient records. Nurses can use their hand held computers to rapidly and efficiently record patient histories, visits, and statistics, such as vital signs and lab values, document health status changes and provide follow-up orders for additional visits or request ancillary services. Additionally, with one simple command, this patient record can be distributed to a physician, a patientís family, billing office, ancillary providers such as Physical or occupational therapy, and even schedule a follow-up appointment.

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