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Vertical Applications
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AIRTIS Wireless Traffic & Weather Solution

TransCode’s AIRTIS wireless traffic and weather solution is an advanced traveler information system (ATIS) that utilize wireless technologies. The service provides real-time information services for the mobile business and individual traveler as well as the wireless and Internet industries.


  • AIRTIS traffic and weather application
  • AIRTIS’ Website, www.airtis.com, where subscribes can customize the service.
  • RIM 850 Wireless Handheld™
  • Nettech’s RFlink™ middleware, compatible with the ARDIS network
  • Motient’s eLinkSM Service (formerly American Mobile or Ardis)

The AIRTIS Service:

  • Traffic Service:
      • Sends traffic messages to wireless devices providing news about traffic conditions and current construction zones as they occur.
      • Allows subscribers to customize the service by selecting times and days of the week as well as the traffic severity for which they wish to receive alerts.
  • Weather Service:
      • Provides continual weather information throughout the day.
      • Notifies subscribers of serve weather conditions, such as tornado warnings, snow and ice conditions.
      • Provides weather forecasts.
      • Allows subscribes to specify up to 10 counties for weather alerts and forecasts.
  • Email Service:
      • Provides subscribers wireless email access from any Internet e-mail system.
      • Allows subscribers to us their PC e-mail address and mailbox

How the system works: Image source – Nettech Website

Traffic Profiles: used to set up "commute profiles" which are matched against their real-time traffic database to inform members of traffic tie-ups via pager or other wireless device.

Weather Profiles: allows members to set up counties, days, and times to receive weather forecasts on their wireless device.

View Message Logs: gives members online access to messages sent to their wireless device.

User Maintenance: members can update their account information if they change wireless service providers, change addresses, etc.



  • Traffic service is currently available in six U.S. markets (Service will be expanded to 15 major metropolitan centers in the United States in the coming months)
  • Weather service is available in every county in the U.S.

* Source: www.aritis.com (May 2000)

For More Information

  1. http://www.motient.com
  2. http://www.airtis.com
  3. http://www.rim.com
  4. www.broadbeam.com


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