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Vertical Applications
- Municipal Applications -

MaxStream providing affordable wireless to growing cities


Building Inspection Data Collection 

  • Under traditional paper-based systems, city building inspectors come to the office each morning to pick up their assignments before heading into the field. Then they fill up some paper forms, and return to the office to complete the reports. It can take 3-5 days typically to issue permits on completed work.

With a mobile  computing solution, inspectors can collect information right in the field on a handheld device by using drop down menus. This information can be sent either in real-time or at the end of day without going back to the office. Based on this information, contractor or homeowner can be advised of work approval of the work or any deficiencies that they must correct.  This improves overall public service and reduces overall cost to the contractors and ultimately to the public.

Property Assessment and Appraisal Services 

  • A similar application is being implemented by several municipalities for property appraisal services. Several state or provincial governments legislate that commercial and residential properties must be re-appraised for market value assessment. Property taxes are based on the market value of the property. Appraisers collect both physical and occupancy information which they can enter on laptops or handheld devices.

Utility (water system) Repair Applications 

  • Hydrant and Valve repair application - See under Vendors on this page

Actual Customers Using This applications

  • City of Saint Petersburg, Florida - Building Permit Application - Using CDPD (2002) , moving to 1xRTT CDMA network in 2003.

Vendors Providing Solutions

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