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Hot Topics In The Mobile Computing Industry

Battery Related Issues in Mobile & Wireless - An Overview 

Battery is one of the most important and yet neglected components of wireless solutions. It is important for the following reasons:

  • Mobility and portability inherently requires a source of electricity that does not depend on conventional wired power.
  • Our requirements for battery power in mobile devices are running ahead of the improvements in battery capacity. 
  • While we are making advances in lower consumption of power for the same function, we are demanding more powerful functionality.
  • Security technology like more powerful encryption are demanding on battery power.
  • Battery runs out rather quickly in most handheld devices. More data you send or more you voice messaging you use, more you run down the battery. The faster is the data rate you want, faster is the rate at which battery is depleted. 

Recently some attention has been paid to advances in using non-electric methods of charging e.g. solar energy or fuel cells. 

Trends in Improving Battery Life for Handheld Devices

There is an ongoing progress in reducing consumption of power and increasing battery life for mobile devices. This progress is centered on following initiatives:

  • Reducing the power requirements of chips and processors
  • Superior power management techniques
  • Better batteries based on conventional technology
  • New battery technologies like fuel cell, as described below

Yet, according to Yankee Group analyst Roger Entnerone, power requirements of new power-hungry applications are growing faster (some say @ 15% annually) than improvements in battery power (improving @10% annually). 

Fuel Cell Technology for Mobile devices : In fuel cells, hydrogen mixes with oxygen to generate electric current through water. Technology problem is that hydrogen is flammable. One startup company with a solution to this problem is Energy Visions. In its implementation, they separate hydrogen from methanol. 

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