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Bluetooth Technology

Software Development Kits for Bluetooth 

  1. Extended XTNDAccess Bluetooth SDK and protocol stack
  2. Impronto Simulator from Rococo Software runs Java applications in a simulated Bluetooth environment, allowing developers to run simply test and configure applications before deploying them on Bluetooth devices. Rococo announced in January 2002 use of Extended Systems Bluetooth development stack with its own Java Developer kit. 
  3. Palm Inc. is shipping Bluetooth SDK (for free ) and Bluetooth HDK (Hardware Development Kit (Two Palm SDIO cards, a serial cradle, and SDIO drivers) for $199. SDK has been approved by Bluetooth SIG.  SDK conforms to version 1.1 of Bluetooth specifications. SDIO stands for Secure Digital Input Output card.. 
  4. Cambridge SiliconRadio's Development kit 
  5. Digianswer A/S Bluetooth Development PC Card for Windows CE
  6. Melody - Bluetooth hardware emulator - Bluetooth over IP SDK to test Bluetooth applications without hardware 
  7. Socket Communications SPANWorks II Bluetooth SDK
  8. RAPPORE Technology's SDK and protocol stack for Linux embedded systems

Go to Bluetooth Forum's website for more

Do a keyword search on this page (top left) with "Bluetooth and Software" keywords.

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