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Bluetooth Technology

What are the Applications?
(Major Portion of Content Provided by Puneet Gupta - a MobileInfo.Com Technology Writer)

Bluetooth has a tremendous potential in moving and synchronizing information in a localized setting. Potential for Bluetooth applications is huge, because we transact business and communicate more with people who are close by than with those who are far away - a natural phenomenon of human interaction. The following list represents only a small set of potential applications - in future many more imaginative applications will come along: 

  • By installing a Bluetooth network in your office you can do away with the complex and tedious task of networking between the computing devices, yet have the power of connected devices. No longer would you be bound to fixed locations where you can connect to the network. Each Bluetooth device could be connected to 200 other devices making the connection of every device with every other possible. Since it supports both point to point and point to multipoint it will virtually make the maximum number of simultaneously linked devices unlimited.
  • The Bluetooth technology connects all your office peripherals wirelessly. Connect your PC or notebook to printers, scanners and faxes without the ugly and trouble some cable attachments. You can increase your freedom by connecting your mouse or the keyboard wirelessly to your computer.
  • If your digital cameras in Bluetooth enabled, you can send still or video images from any location to any location without the hassle of connecting your camera to the mobile phone on the wireline phone.
  • Bluetooth allows us to have three way phones. At home, your phone functions as a portable phone (fixed line charge). When you're on the move, it functions as a mobile phone (cellular charge). And when your phone comes within range of another mobile phone with built-in Bluetooth wireless technology it functions as a walkie-talkie (no telephony charge).
  • In meetings and conferences you can transfer selected documents instantly with selected participants, and exchange electronic business cards automatically, without any wired connections.
  • Connect your wireless headset to your mobile phone, mobile computer or any wired connection to keep your hands free for more important tasks when you're at the office or in your car.
  • Have automatic synchronization of your desktop, mobile computer, notebook (PC-PDA and PC-HPC) and your mobile phone. For instance, as soon as you enter your office the address list and calendar in your notebook will automatically be updated to agree with the one in your desktop, or vice versa.
  • Automatic Message Delivery: Compose e-mails on your portable PC while you're on an airplane. As soon as you've landed and switched on your mobile phone, all messages are immediately sent.
  • Upon arriving at your home, the door automatically unlocks for you, the entry way lights come on, and the heat is adjusted to your pre-set preferences.
  • IBM researchers are working on a number of personal devices like a WatchPad that could be connected with other devices through Bluetooth.  The Watch Pad is very thin and contains 8MB of RAM. They are also working on a version of CyberPhone called CyberPhone - that can project data onto a small mirror. The CyberPhone can show as much information as a small PDA because of high resolution VGA screen.

You enter the airport-waiting lounge, equipped with Bluetooth-enabled Internet ports. Via the ports, you and other guests use Bluetooth-enabled laptops, PDAs, and other devices to access your office or home-based servers via the airline server. Using voice-over IP, you also make "free" Internet voice calls courtesy of your airline.

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