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Bluetooth Technology

What’s the future for Bluetooth

Bluetooth has a good future ahead because it meets a basic need of connectivity in close proximity, is the result of initiatives of nine leading communications and computer industry vendors including companies like 3-COM, Ericsson, Lucent, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Nokia, Toshiba etc. Since the formation of the original group, more than 1800 manufacturers worldwide have joined the initiative worldwide. According to one market research report, Bluetooth technology is expected to be built into over 100 millions devices before the end of 2002.  According to still another report from market research firm Cahners In-Stat Group, there will be over 670 million Bluetooth enabled devices worldwide by 2005.

As a result of success of WAP (Wireless Application Protocol), adoption of smart phones and handheld devices, Bluetooth will have tremendous effects on everyday life. Bluetooth is one of the key technologies that can make the mobile information society possible, blurring the boundaries between home, the office, and the outside world. The seamless connectivity promised by Bluetooth makes it possible to explore a range of interactive and highly transparent personalized services which were even difficult to dream of because of the complexity involved in making various devices talk to each other. Already many Bluetooth pilot products have rolled into the market backed by big vendors, which is a very healthy sign for the acceptance of the technology. The support for Bluetooth is not limited to companies developing Bluetooth enabled products only. Bluetooth applications can have far reaching impacts on many other industries as well. Bluetooth technology adoption is expected to be widespread throughout the computer and telecommunications industry. Implementation of the Bluetooth technology is expected to grow the market for personal mobile devices and indirectly increase airtime usage for wireless data. Over the long term. manufacturers will also benefit from the ability to replace multiple connection ports with a single Bluetooth module, gaining economies at the production level. The Bluetooth SIG has defined favorable adoption terms, including open, royalty-free availability of the specification and is playing an important role in spreading the technology.

Do a keyword search on home page or this page using "Bluetooth and 802.11" as keywords to understand debate between Bluetooth and 802.11.  Also go to Bluetooth versus WLAN/802.11b page

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