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Bluetooth Technology

Tentative Timetable for Bluetooth Products and Adoption
(Projection of some of the dates unless specified are for production-level shipments, not for demonstration products)

1994 Ericsson starts a project to study inexpensive interface between cellular phones and their accessories
Mar. 1998 IBM, Intel, Nokia and Toshiba form Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG)
Nov. 1999 At CTIA, great excitement with over 1000 companies in the Bluetooth SIG. Conceptual framework - no products, no specifications
Dec. 1999 Version 1.0b of Bluetooth specifications released 
End 2000 Limited product prototypes based on version 1.0b available
November 2000- Comdex  Less enthusiasm than the previous year. A few products being demonstrated - Compaq released card. Some SDKs released 
April 2001 Version 1.1 of specifications released. Bluetooth radios in $30-40 range - More PC cards announced. Bluetooth server products in trade shows - No products for customers to buy.
Mid 2002  Products with integrated Bluetooth expected in the market - cost and prices of Bluetooth-enabled devices will still stay somewhat high. Downward spiral will at this time. .
End 2002 Most advanced 2.5G and 3G smart phones with Bluetooth; some PDAs with Bluetooth synchronization
2003-2004  Radio prices for vendors expected to go down to $5-10 - more widespread - Enterprise and home users may start buying Bluetooth-enabled devices.  Limited replacement of fixed wiring with Bluetooth-enabled devices.
Post 2005 Bluetooth may start having major impact on short-distance networking and accessory connectivity
Source : -eweek magazine with modifications by MobileInfo.com


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