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Wireless Broadband Networks

Costs and Benefits

  • One time acquisition and set up costs can be much less than ongoing monthly leased line charges for competing technologies. Business case for wireless broadband consists of comparing capital acquisition costs of wireless broadband amortized over a five-year period plus monthly equipment maintenance charges against circuit lease charges for the same period for T-1, xDSL or cable services. Typical payback period is 9 to 18 months.
  • You can avoid long lead times for getting T-1 and higher speed circuits from Telco in certain areas of downtown core or outlying areas where they may not have a service.
  • Growth and upgrade costs for wireless broadband are much less.  Therefore, you can start with just the required capacity and add to it as requirements grow – therefore emphasize upgrade and scalability of the equipment that you select.
  • Reliability is quite high – some vendors quote @ 99.99 or even 99.997% availability.  However, atmospheric conditions do affect service and sustained availability is perhaps lower than above figures.
  • Temporary locations or businesses that relocate frequently can benefit from wireless broadband
  • Rapid deployment: Wireless subscription and connection is faster
  • Wireless broadband can be implemented in incremental fashion. Therefore, network or ISP strategy is “implement as needed”. This reduces capital expenditure.

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