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MobileInfo.com's Managing Editor & Principal Consultant

Chander Dhawan is one of the leading experts in mobile computing and wireless space. He is an experienced consultant, author, industry analyst, Managing Editor and Founder of MobileInfo.Com web site that is perhaps the most comprehensive information resource on the Internet for mobile computing and wireless networking information. He has over 30 years experience (including the first 12 years with IBM) in strategic planning, architecture development, product evaluation, and project management of enterprise-wide solutions based on emerging technologies. His current interests are in wireless networking, mobile computing, m-commerce infrastructure and remote access internetworking. His focus is on both business and systems integration of enterprise-wide solutions from end-to-end perspective.

Chander has been active in IT since 1969 and in the mobile computing and wireless networking industries since 1993. He has undertaken several large wireless computing projects in law enforcement, banking, financial services, construction and public safety industries from conception to implementation. He has spoken frequently at Information Technology conferences like COMDEX, DCI, IEEE, Mobile PDA conferences, Telethority, Mobile Commerce World Summit, etc. He has published research reports and technical articles in both Canadian and US trade magazines. He has acted as industry expert in selecting the top products in mobile computing on behalf of trade magazines. He has advised several startups (including one in the Silicon Valley) towards developing new products and services in wireless computing arena. 


  • Master's degree in Industrial Engineering and a postgraduate diploma in Operations Research, both from the University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • Attended intensive one-year postgraduate Business Administration program at DCM Management Training Center in New Delhi, India (considered equivalent to MBA)
  • Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur, India - rated the best engineering school in Asia and one of the best in the world by leading American Schools, such as Carnegie, Stanford and MIT


Chander is also the author of two books:- "Mobile Computing - A Systems Integrator's Handbook", and "Remote Access Networks - PSTN, ISDN, ADSL, Internet and Wireless". Both books were published by McGraw-Hill of New York. 

Academic & Research Connections

  • Member, Advisory Board, Systems Information Research Journal - State University of NY, Buffalo

  • UCLA "Wireless Internet for Enterprise Consortium" Enterprise Wireless Conference Promotion

  • Guest Speaker in M-Commerce for MBA Class - McMaster University, Canada

Speaking Engagements

  • Regular Speaker (1994-2002) at Comdex conferences in Las Vegas, Toronto, Vancouver and Chicago

  • Speaker at DCI conference, Toronto - Sales Force Automation - 1997
  • Regular speaker at PDA Expos in San Francisco, New York and Chicago (1997-2000)
  • Paper presented at IEEE Conference on Mobile Computing in Mumbai, India
  • Moderator and Keynote Speaker at AIM conference in Orlando, Florida - February 2001
  • Panelist at IIR Wireless Commerce Conference in Toronto - 2000
  • Moderator & Keynote Speaker at IQPC Telethority Conference in Chicago on "Realistic Assessment of 3G"
  • "Opportunities and Challenges in M-commerce" conference in San Francisco August, 2001
  • "M-Commerce and Financial Industry" Speaker at Strategy Institute Conference in Toronto - July 2001
  • Panel Chair and Speaker of " M-Commerce Challenges and Opportunities" - Comdex - 2001 & 2002

Industry Advisor
Technology Advisor to wireless two startups in California and Montreal Quebec - mobile middleware and thin client devices

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