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About Our Advisory Consultant Panel

Chander's picture.jpg (3220 bytes)

Chander Dhawan - Managing Editor and Consultant
Chander Dhawan is a leading expert in North America on the subject of mobile computing, wireless networks, and remote access. Chander is also the author of two books:- "Mobile Computing - A Systems Integrator's Handbook", and "Remote Access Networks - PSTN, ISDN, ADSL, Internet and Wireless". Both books were published by McGraw-Hill. Biography of Chander Dhawan

Paul May
A software developer by trade, Paul May has been a business technology author, consultant, systems architect and business development executive in the business systems architectures and ecommerce field since 1991. He has undertaken eBusiness projects for BP, De Beers and Siemens. He is also the author of "The Business of Ecommerce - From Corporate Strategy to Technology" and "Mobile Commerce - Opportunities, Applications and Technologies of Wireless Business"'. Both books were published by Cambridge University Press. Go to Paul's full bio and his page on advice to CIOs.

Mike Flom
Mike Flom is the founder, president and CEO of Portable Internet, Inc., a pioneer in the development of GPS-based intelligent mobile Internet software for navigation and other applications. 

Before starting Portable Internet, Mike was V.P. and General Manager of Information Builders ERP group and International Business Partner Manager at IBM. He was responsible for designing the first e-commerce systems at American Express and managed software development for Litton Industries. He has presented at many wireless conferences like CTIA Wireless IT, PCIA, UCLA Wireless IT, Pocket PC Summit, Mike has a B.S. Engineering and M.B.A. from Arizona State University. Go to Mike's overview page on Location-based Services.

Henderso.tif (53994 bytes) Tom Henderson
Tom Henderson is principal researcher for ExtremeLabs, Inc., of Indianapolis. Mr. Henderson is a communications integrator and network systems architect, and the former senior vice president of one of the largest interconnect organizations in North America. He also serves on several technology business boards.  The author of fourteen books, Mr. Henderson is an international lecturer and performs research, analysis, and product evaluation on enterprise data and hybrid network platforms, operating system environments, and network management infrastructure. A member of the International Communications Association's Technical Program Committee, Tom is also a contributing editor to Byte.Com, Windows NT Magazine, Network Magazine, CompuServe.com, Canadian Computer Reseller, Asian Sources, and tests products for Network World and other publications. Biography of Tom Henderson

Jim Geier
Jim Geier is an author and speaker on wireless network applications, technologies, and implementation practices. Jim's experience focuses on the analysis, design, installation, and support of numerous wireless networks for retail, manufacturing, and healthcare companies throughout the world. Jim is author of three books: Wireless LANs, Wireless Networking Handbook, and Network Reengineering, and he speaks regularly at seminars, conferences, and tradeshows. Jim has served as Chairman of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) Computer Society, Dayton Section, and Chairman of the IEEE International Conference on Wireless LAN Implementation. He was an active member of the IEEE 802.11 Working Group, responsible for developing international standards for wireless LANs. Jim’s education includes a bachelor’s and master’s degree in electrical engineering, with emphasis in computer networking. Biography about Jim Geier

George McQuillister
George McQuillister is currently the Mobile Computing Product Manager at Pacific Gas & Electric company, based in San Francisco.  Mr. McQuillister’s primary responsibilities involve providing consulting services to internal clients that employ or are considering adopting mobile technologies to meet their business needs.  Some of the projects he has been involved with include: Wood Pole Asset Management Project, Revenue Assurance Automation Project, Overhead Line Inspection Project and the Field Automation Project. He is often sought for advice and insights on mobile computing trends for business applications.   Mr. McQuillister is a regular presenter at industry conferences and seminars. He has given advice to a number of organizations outside his employment.  George is MobileInfo.Com's advisor on mobile computing applications in the Utilities Industry. Biography of George McQuillister

Ralph Johnston
Ralph W. Johnston has 25 year experience with a major Canadian municipal law enforcement agency in operational and administrative duties as well as Information Technology related projects. His latest task was the management of a multi-million dollar implementation of wireless technology for in-vehicle use by the police agency.  With the new wireless network, application development and deployment of nearly two-hundred mobile workstations, the system will allow mobile dispatching, messaging and database search capabilities from the police vehicle.  Work is continuing to allow completion of the police report in-vehicle application, transmitting via the wireless network to the main system where data will automatically populate the database instantly.  Ralph has also developed other document automation systems using Microsoft Office and Visual Basic.  His advise is often sought by other emergency response agencies, police and otherwise. Biography about Ralph Johnston

Rod Ghani
Rod has over eleven years of experience in systems integration and wireless consulting. He has an extensive background in developing solutions in large mission critical systems.

Rod works is a Senior Consultant in Pervasive Computing organization of IBM Global Systems division. 

Rod holds a Masters of Science in Business, focusing on business technology, and wireless communication, from Central Michigan University, May /1992. Rod has Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering February /1986.

Rod was issued a patent in wireless technology on May/1999.

Puneet Gupta
Puneet Gupta is technology writer and analyst and has been focusing on mobile wireless, Internet and related enabling technologies with a focus on issues and opportunities related to convergence of these technologies. He has been contributing to a variety of online and print magazines and newspapers on technologies and issues related to mobile wireless and mobile Internet. 

He is currently working with Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies and is involved in development of GSM/GPRS products for Lucent. Biography of Puneet Gupta

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