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MobileInfo.com's Consultant Panel
- Ralph Johnston  -

Ralph W. Johnston has 25 year experience with a major Canadian municipal law enforcement agency in operational and administrative duties as well as Information Technology related projects. His latest task was the management of a multi-million dollar implementation of wireless technology for in-vehicle use by the police agency.  With the new wireless network, application development and deployment of nearly two-hundred mobile workstations, the system will allow mobile dispatching, messaging and database search capabilities from the police vehicle.  Work is continuing to allow completion of the police report in-vehicle application, transmitting via the wireless network to the main system where data will automatically populate the database instantly.  Ralph has also developed other document automation systems using Microsoft Office and Visual Basic.  His advise is often sought by other emergency response agencies, police and otherwise.

Ralph is a excellent addition to www.MobileInfo.Com's panel of consultants in terms of application of modern mobile computing technologies in public safety from a police officer's perspective.


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