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A Newbie's Guide to Wireless Networks
Course Data Sheet/January 2002


What do you know about wireless? Test your knowledge by solving this intermediate level crossword puzzle of common words, standards, and protocols associated with wireless networking. Many of the clues give a reference to concepts taught in A Newbie's Guide to Wireless Networks.

System Requirements

  • Windows 9x, NT 4, 2000, ME, or Macintosh OS 8 or above3
  • 64 Megs of RAM
  • Sound card and speakers
  • Netscape or Internet Explorer browser (4.x or higher)
  • Flash plug-in


Pricing and Ordering

Pricing: The regular price of the course is $60. From the first day you log in you will have six months to continue visiting before your registration expires. You can order using a credit card online.  mail. During the month of May, we have a special price of $40.00.

We care about your privacy and security. Our e-commerce online partner is IntrernetSecure,  a premier Internet credit card processor operating in 84 countries They have credit certification program with Thawte and VeriSign. You can check them out at


Corporate Offer


In addition to ordering through our e-commerce site, MobileInfo also directly accepts checks and purchase orders. We also offer bulk pricing discounts and can customize content for your organization. If your requirements are for more than 20 students in the same organization to take this course, please Email us or give us a call at 905 - 881 - 8537.

About This Course


A Newbie's Guide to Wireless Networks, is available at  your convenience. Spend a few minutes at a time or complete the whole thing in a few hours. The course is divided into modules. Click here to view the contents of each module. You have up to six months of access from the day you get started.

Virtually anyone who is working with technology can see the bright future of wireless Local, Wide and Personal Area Networks (LANs, WANs and PANs) and Mobile Telephony. Whether you are an old timer or just getting started in wireless, you need to be able to articulately discuss customer requirements, protocols and standards, and differentiate between all of the emerging products in order to succeed. This is especially important for anyone who is trying to change jobs, get a promotion, or grow in his or her present job. It's also important for investors to determine which technologies will grow and prosper in the coming years.

Our goal is to help you cut through the jargon associated with wireless and go right to the heart of the most critical issues.

After completing this 3 to 4 hour tutorial, you will be able to:

  • Differentiate between five distinct types of wireless networks.
  • Discuss essential elements of wireless including the technology, standards and protocols, and market applications.
  • Plan a migration strategy for integrating wired and wireless networks in the home, small business and enterprise.
  • Compare alternative strategies for wireless LANs, WANs and PANs and select an appropriate wireless solution based on application and user needs.
  • Identify environmental factors like distance, noise, interference, and determine the impact they have on various wireless alternative technologies.
  • Recognize security strengths and weaknesses in wireless.
  • Read product data sheets and identify critical differences between wireless vendor product offerings.

Who Should Take This Course


We feel this course would be especially beneficial to:

  • Technology sales and marketing professionals
  • Systems engineers
  • Network managers and planners
  • IT managers
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Network administrators
  • Helpdesk staff
  • Technical and sales trainers
  • Small business staff responsible for computers and networking
  • College students and professors (computer/network related)
  • Investors in networking and/or wireless technology

In the News!



Joanie Wexler wrote about the course in her weekly Network World newsletter.
Click here to read the review.



Tracy Romine reported about the online course on CNET Radio. Listen to his report. (requires Real Audio player) gives the online course a "Mobile-MustHave" recommendation.
Click here to read the review.

Comments from Colleagues

"An outstanding piece of work here! It's not at all stuffy, yet it's not at all fluffy either. Great illustrations, animations, games and voice-over allow the student to maintain attention across multiple hours of instruction. It has some excellent technical meat in it, but it doesn't get bogged down in techno trivia. The overall content is excellent, with plenty of URLs for follow-on study for those who are so inclined."
Craig Larrew, Marketing Manager - Cisco Systems

"I am very much a visual and audio learner and this training was great, up to date, accurate, and the relevance of image, text, and voice was spot on."
Keith Klemba, e-Education Chief Technology Advisor for Hewlett-Packard

"Fantastic job! Really well done. Concise and accurate. It is a joy to see technically competent people developing training. I learned a lot from A Newbie's Guide To Wireless Networks." - Kent Simcoe - Simcoe Communications

"A very impressive & inspiring presentation, full of information. A credit to your team & organization." - Robert Farrar - Computer Concepts, Australia

"The WKMN Wireless training is excellent. It's well organized into appropriate sections giving the learner a solid background before any technical terminology and concepts are presented. The flow was even and clean, the sound was appropriate and the quizzes were entertaining as well as enlightening."
Mark Jordon - Manufacturing Training Web Project Specialist - Cisco Systems

"This is a very well presented and informative training package. It would suit various roles, from helpdesk to IT manager as an introduction to wireless technology. I look forward to future packages." - Adrian James, Communications R&D Consultant - Zomba Records

"I found the Newbie's Guide an excellent and fun way to learn about Wireless Networking. It was organized in such a way that it could be taken in small chunks at my desk."
Sally Simcoe, Hewlett-Packard Networking Division

"An enjoyable intro to the world of wireless."
Alan Strassberg, Network Engineer with Seagate Technology

"I enjoyed the training. The web side-trips were especially worthwhile. I think you may have bumped into a new paradigm for cooperation and training. The Internet's potential for providing inexpensive yet high quality distance learning is incredible. Also, I'd much rather spend $50 to take a well thought out course than to buy a reference book that I might never read."
Brian Seborg - Telispark, Inc.




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