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Current Topics In Mobile Computing

CeBIT 2000

Europe’s largest computer show CeBIT 2000 in Hannover, Germany ran from February 24 to March 3, 2000.  The theme of this year’s show was that mobile computing is the future. Device makers, wireless service providers and software developers displayed their wares to an estimated 700,000-plus attendees.

Highlights and Announcements

  • 3Com Corp.’s Palm Computing division showcased it first color handheld device, the Palm IIIc. (See our recent news)
  • Microsoft’s new version of Internet Explorer for its Pocket PC platform, aka, CR for palm-size devices
  • Casio Computer Co. Ltd and Siemens AG’s Communications Devices division showed off its working prototypes of their jointly developed mobile devices
  • Symbian Ltd. demonstrated its first reference design platform for smart phones, Pearl, and discussed details of Quartz, a table like wireless communicator and Crystal, a forthcoming personal digital assistant-type communicator.
  • Compaq Computer Corp. announced wireless and Global System for Mobile Communications solutions for its handheld products.
  • Sharp Electronics demonstrated several new products, including a handheld PC, the Hc-7000, that lets users access e-mail, the Internet and data from a company’s network using Microsoft’s Windows CE Professional.
  • Samsung’s handheld is reported to be the first Linux PDA.
  • Motorola exhibited their triple-band WAP handsets
  • Germany’s Postbank showed off the first-ever mobile broking system
  • Bluetooth products on display:  Xircom’s Compact Flash, and Nokia ‘s Bluetooth headset
  • Ericsson launched its MP3 player for mobile phones. 
  • Nokia presented the Communicator 9110i with WAP capabilities.  It is the first to combine PC and mobile functionality and can be upgraded by installing a WAP browser.  Available in the third quarter.
  • MobileLinux can’t compete with Symbian:  Symbian consortium says Transmeta’s MobileLinux will need an additional chipset to emerge as a dominant mobile Internet platform
  • Three new servers from Fujitsu Siemens M800, M1000, M2000 available in May
  • Siemens AG rolled out a cart-full of phones and handheld phones and handheld devices as well as prototypes of forthcoming units S35i and C35i to its cordless handset, the Gigset 3010.

For more information, go to www.zdnet.co.uk/news/specials/2000/01/cebit2000  


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