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Home Page Editorial
November 18, 2002 )

From Publisher and Managing Editor's Desk... 

"During October 2002, Palm announced launch of its Tungsten brand to "light up" the enterprise wireless data economy.  Model T, available now and Model W - available next year, will give Palm something to show and tell. It delivered on its new OS version 5 also. There will be supporting server software also, called MIMS. This brings Palm into the enterprise handheld device market for the first time - with larger screen real estate, a keyboard to enter information and always-on capability. We welcome Palm's realization that it must move beyond a disconnected organizer into a true connected enterprise platform. We see positive signs and moves by Palm. With good luck and a lot of hard work, it should succeed." - Chander Dhawan More>>

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Chander Dhawan - Your Site's Principal Consultant and Publisher

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