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Andy Seybold's OUTLOOK   Newsletter www.outlook.com Among the most respected authorities in wireless and mobile computing, publishes Outlook wireless and mobile computing newsletter
Field Force automation magazine www.destinationffa.com


Magazine dedicated to bring mobile computing application solution related information to professionals - case studies with emphasis on field force automation
Handheld PC Magazine www.hpcmag.com For the users of Windows CE-based handheld, palm-size, and auto PCs.
Mobile Computing magazine www.mobilecomputing.com Premier magazine for mobile computing and communications, especially end-user devices.  "If there is only one magazine, read this, though it is light on application development and systems integration issues" - Mobileinfo Editor
Network Computing magazine www.networkcomputing.com Good coverage of wireless, wireless LANs, etc. Dave Molta provides good product comparison.
Pervasive Computing (Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing) magazine from IEEE www.computer.org Launched in March 2001 with focus on mobile and ubiquitous computing
Pen Computing Magazine Conrad Blickenstorfer – Editor www.pencomputing.com 916-852-5913 Extensive coverage of pen computing, especially hand-held devices

Mobile Computing Newsletter
http://www.synchrologic.com Synchrologic publishes a periodic mobile computing email newsletter with survey results, original research, special offers, company news, case studies, and general mobile computing commentary. Click here to subscribe.
Wireless Internet magazine www.wirelessinternet.com Site maintained by Alan Reiter, a known analyst in mobile computing focuses on wireless internet part of mobile computing


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