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White Papers

White papers are organized in two ways: first by subject and then by vendors. 

White Papers - Mobile Computing - Business Issues

White Paper - Evolution of Future Wireless and Mobile Architectures

White Papers - 3G Wireless Network Related Topics,

White Papers - Wireless LANs - 802.11b, 802.11a, etc. 

  • Wireless LAN White Papers by Jim Geier - a well-known consultant, author and speaker - Chair of IEEE Wireless LAN implementation, are available from his site. Click here.
  • Spread Spectrum: Frequency Hopping vs. Direct Sequence
  • Overview of the IEEE 802.11 Standard
  • Benefits of the IEEE 802.11 Standard
  • Wireless Network Middleware
  • Future of the IEEE 802.11 Standard
  • WiFi (802.11b and 802.11g in 2.4 GHz) and 802.11a (in 5 GHz band) WLAN - Competing or Complementary - a white  paper published by Mobilian Corporation. Key point the paper emphasizes through technical discussion is complimentary nature of the two technologies, rather than competitive role of two technologies.

White Papers - WAP Related

White Papers - M-Commerce Related 

  • "Seizing the M-Commerce Opportunity" - From Mobilocity.Net - a consulting company providing high-level strategies in mobile commerce. The paper describes uniqueness of challenges and opportunities in mobile commerce. 
  • "Mobile Financial Services" -  From MobiloCity.Net - a consulting company providing high-level strategies in mobile commerce.
  • Localize or Perish - a white paper from Cellmania. The winning mobile commerce strategies for the future will be about building wireless Internet and Web applications that are location-centric, where location will be the key notion through which all content will be presented and promoted to the customer. 

White Papers - Mobile Computing Middleware Related 

White Papers - Data Synchronization and Mobile Management 

White Papers - Mobile Device Related Ruggedization

White Papers - M-Commerce Related

  • AlterEgo's Whitepaper on "Adapting Intranet Applications for Handheld devices and wireless networks", click here. (PDF file)

White Papers - Application Related 

White Papers - Application Development Related

White Papers - Wireless Traffic Optimization 

White Papers Provided by Vendors:

IBM White Papers - offers on "pervasive computing" section of its website several white papers and primers on wireless and mobile computing. We are listing several of these white papers, courtesy of IBM pervasive computing website. Click here for a more complete list

  2.5G and 3G networks
3G is generating a lot of excitement in the telecommunications, Information Technology (IT) and Internet industries. This powerful new infrastructure will allow ubiquitous, always-on, high-speed access to voice, data, and multimedia services.
  A security strategy for mobile e-business
Managing risk, protecting privacy and securing trust in the wireless revolution.
  Pervasive or invasive - managing the customer on the move
How mobile e-business will influence future approaches to customer relationship management.
  Transforming the appliance industry
This paper describes how pervasive networking is transforming white goods into intelligent devices, providing their manufacturers with an opportunity to enhance their customer relationships, services and revenue streams.
  RFID Tags - an intelligent bar code replacement
Describes how the use of Radio Frequency ID (RFID) wireless significantly enhances supply chain process and delivers customer service improvements.
  Wireless payments - money out of thin air?
Wireless payment, the ability to initiate and/or confirm a payment transaction from a wireless device, is the key element of wireless commerce.
  The Future of Wireless Banking
Today's banking and trading institutions realize they must move and move quickly to capitalize on new business opportunities in wireless banking and trading. Resistance to the implementation of wireless banking can lead to major losses at the business and market share levels.
  IBM Everyplace Wireless Gateway
"This article explains how to write an application to push a message to a variety of pervasive devices by specifying different address types. It also discusses issues of security and scalability, and lists the supported network types."
  Mobile Office, the next breakthrough in professional productivity gains
To date, great interest and momentum in wireless technology have been seen in the Business to Consumer (B2C) applications, however many of the business benefits are expected to be realized in the Business to Employee (B2E) environment.
  A Wireless world awaits: Nine moves that mobilize e-business
Forward-thinking enterprises have already started shifting their e-businesses in a wireless direction. Experience with these early adopters shows nine recurring themes.
  Wireless school
Technology has become an educational necessity - a necessity that can finally be accessible by many school districts throughout the country.
  Extending the reach of your applications
WebSphere Everyplace Suite is an environment for building services and applications for pervasive computing devices.
  Palm® enterprise requirements for handheld computing
Innovative organizations looking to gain competitive advantage through mobile computing choose solutions based on the Palm OS®.
  Palm® handheld computing optimizes customer relationship management
Handhelds provide instant access from any location to the corporation's backbone of customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications.
  Mobile Financial Services
The world agrees on one thing: The Internet is the platform on which enterprises of all kinds can re-invent themselves.
  Mobile Computing in the Route Sales Marketplace
This document is intended to assist organizations considering the automation of part or all of their route sales processes.
  BluetoothTM Applications in Pervasive Computing
The emergence of information appliances and new types of connectivity is spurring a new form of networking: unmanaged, dynamic networks of devices, especially mobile devices, that spontaneously and unpredictably join and leave the network.
  IBM Application Framework for e-business
The IBM Application Framework for e-business is designed to enable businesses, large and small, to build and deploy Web-based applications quickly and easily.
  IBM Mobile Connect and Security
Customers starting on the path to handheld device connectivity will be confronted by the issues of device security, network security, user authentication and data encryption.
  Discovering devices and services for home networking
The emergence of information appliances and new types of connectivity is spurring a new form of networking: unmanaged, dynamic networks of consumer devices that spontaneously and unpredictably join and leave the network.
  Extending SAP systems to pervasive computing devices
Only recently has the convergence of new internet and mobile technologies made it practical to extend some applications to the mobile user.

Oracle White Papers - Oracle has ventured into mobile computing from a number of perspectives - offering Oracle Mobile Agent application gateway for wireless applications, Oracle lite as a DBMS platform for mobile devices including PDAs and WinCE compatible devices, data replication/synchronization software and more recently (1999 circa) offering a mobile portal called Project Panama.

Click here for a white paper describing Oracle's Project Panama - a mobile portal. Project Panama delivers dynamic Web content to users of mobile devices, including GSM smart-phones, Windows CE devices and Palm Pilots. Go to white paper section of Oracle's website.

Sybase iAnywhere - click here for iAnywhere's mobile solution & technology white papers.

Broadbeam Corporation (formerly Nettech - a wireless middleware and optimized wireless API supplier) has a number of white papers. Click on the appropriate white papers. MobileInfo.Com recommends these white papers for background reading of basic concepts in application development considerations in wireless networks. 

Cingular (formerly BellSouth) has some technical white papers on Mobitex technology and BellSouth network. Click here for these articles.

Ericsson has a number of white papers on its website, including a glossy publication (an advertising feature) on third generation wireless networks. "It is a good reading on Ericsson's view of third generation wireless networks, especially w-CDMA.  Please note that Ericsson has acquired certain intellectual property from Qualcomm in an agreement signed in 1999". - Editor.  Click here to access Ericsson's site for white papers.

Note: Vendors and independent professionals may submit white papers for review by MOBILEINFO and inclusion on this site.  Our guidelines state that only those white papers that enunciate concepts, use product examples to illustrate these concepts and are not heavily marketing oriented will be published by MobileInfo. Acknowledgements will be provided for these type of white papers.  Vendors may include their own product-specific white papers for fee on their own home pages and elsewhere on our website. See examples of vendor-sponsored white papers on Synchrologic's home page on our website.


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