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Mobile Computing Glossary

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MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)
A network that spans buildings, or city blocks, or a college, or corporate campus. Optical fiber repeaters, bridges, routers, packet switches, and PBX services usually supply the network links.

MASC - Mobitex Asynchronous Communication - Asynchronous link level protocol on Mobitex.

Mbps -- Megabytes per second --.speed of data transmission

MCSS (Mobile Communications Server Switch)
A hardware/software configuration that provides communications connection and message switching functionality. It sits between the wireless network and information servers. See chapter 11 for further information.

MCP/1 - Mobitex Compression Protocol

MDBS (Mobile Data Base Station - a CDPD term)
The hardware used by a cellular provider to convert the data streams into a valid signal and route cellular switched data calls through the wired phone network or to the cellular destination. This station manages and accesses the radio interface from the network side. It relays and retransmits packets sent from the Mobile Data Intermediate System.

MES (Mobile End System)
The portable wireless computing device that can roam from site to cell while communicating with the MDBS via CDPD. An end system that accesses the CDPD network through the airlink interface.

MHX- Mobitex Main Hierarchical Exchange - Part of Mobitex network hierarchy. Each MHX exchanges information with other MHX’s.

MIB (Management Information Base) - an SNMP term

Microwave - Electromagnetic waves in 1 to 30 GHz range

MIN- Mobile Identification Number

MMS - Multimedia Message Service - It is an evolutionary upgrade EMS which is an upgrade from SMS. Short Message Service is a two-way text-based message service on primarily GSM network in Europe.  EMS (Enhanced Message Service) is an upgrade of SMS proposed by Ericsson, Alcatel, Siemens and Motorola. EMS allows graphics, images, ring tones, etc.  EMS provides an important evolutionary step between SMS and full Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) of future. Search on our home page for EMS. 

MMTF (Mobile Management Task Force)
A vendor organized body that has undertaken to create SNMP based MIB for mobile network management

MPAK - Mobitex packet that is routed through Mobitex network. A 512 octet of user data.

MOX - Mobitex Area Exchange - A node in the internal Mobitex network.

MHz - Megahertz -- measures frequency in million cycles per second

MNP (Microcom Network Protocols)
A set of modem-to-modem protocols that provide error correction and compression.

Microcom Network Protocols for cellular or wireless transmission applying compression, error detection and error correction, data rate fallback, and readjustment.

Microcom Network Protocols with simple data compression. Dynamically arranges for commonly occurring characters to be transmitted with fewer bits than rare characters. It takes into account changing character frequencies as data flows. Also encodes long runs of the same character. Typical compresses text by 35 percent.

MPT/1 - Mobitex Transport Protocol

MPAK - Mobitex Packet

MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area)
The 30 U.S. urban areas (markets) as defined by the FCC, using SMSA (Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area) data. All are licensed for two cellular operators, and almost all have both operators on the area. MSA’s comprise 76% of the U.S. population, but only 22% of its land surface area. See also SMSA.

MTSO (Mobile Telephone Switching Office)
The cellular system’s switching computer, located between a cell site and a conventional telephone switching office.

NAMPS (Narrow Band Advanced Mobile Phone System)
Using a radio frequency transmission on a single, preset frequency.

Narrow Band - PCS frequency in 900-931 MHz range for 2-way paging.

NDIS (Network Device Independent Specification)
A Microsoft network interface specification for operating system and protocol independent device drivers. An effort to create a standard for bridging different types of network adapter cards and multiple protocol stacks. This network-level protocol is supported by IBM LAN Manager and new Microsoft networking products, such as MS Windows for Workgroups and NTAS.

NIC (Network Interface Card)
The network access unit that contains the hardware, software, and specialized PROM information necessary for a station to communicate across the network.. Usually referenced as Network Interface Controller.

NOS (Network Operating System)
A platform for networking services that combines operating system software with network access.

ODI (Open Data-link Interface)
A protocol that supports media- and protocol-independent communication by providing a standard interface allowing network layer protocols to share hardware without conflict. Presently used in PC software, mostly.

OLTP - On-Line Transaction Processing

PAN - Personal Area Network - a wireless network in a small geographical area like a house - Bluetooth and HomeRF technologies are in the same space 

PCCA - Portable Computer and Communications Association - A non-profit association of vendors to develop and promote software and hardware for mobile computing applications

PC Card Standard - Latest PCMCIA specification PCMCIA 5.0. Adds support for low-voltage 3.3 volt operation, DMA, multi-function capability, and CardBUS -that provides higher performance, bus mastering and 32-bit data path.

PCMCIA (Personal Computer Memory Card International Association)
A standard for a computer plug-in, credit card-sized card that provides about 90 percent compatibility across various platforms, BIOS, and application software.

PCS (Personal Communications Services)/ PCN (Personal Communications Network)
A term used to describe emerging wireless/portable network technology where subscribers carry their own personal communication numbers with them, and the system locates them wherever they are.

POP -- Point-Of-Presence

POPS -- One unit of population. The pops concept is used to measure relative market sizes.

POTS -- Plain Old Telephone Service.

PSAP (Public Safety Answering Points) - See Enhanced 911 requirement of public safety officials. Go to www.apco.org - Enhanced 911 allows precise originating location of 911 emergency call.

PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network)
The telecommunications network traditionally encompassing local and long distance land line carriers and now also including cellular carriers. Refers to the telephone network.

PTC - Portable Transaction Computer
A term used in manufacturing, distribution and warehousing industry to denote portable computers equipped with scanners, bar code readers or a pen.

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