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Handheld Topics
- Stand-Alone Application Software On Handheld Devices -

EPOC32 Applications

PalmOS Application Software

Windows CE Applications (Either Personal Productivity or Application Aids)

Windows CE/PocketPC Operational Business Applications (For the Enterprise)

  • e/MDČ Portable Coding Software (from MDRensimer Enterprises Ltd - a Houston based company) is a Windows CE-based application designed to streamline the complex, costly, and inefficient processes doctors go through to record patient histories and examinations and to bill insurance companies.
  • ePhysician - an e-commerce site for healthcare has developed software for physicians to order lab tests and order prescriptions that are routed by "ephysician" server to a designated lab or drug store. They plan to supply 10,000 Palm handheld computers to physicians.
  • Click on www.handheldmed.com for more info on medical applications on handheld devices
  • PocketScript - an electronic prescription application for PocketPc devices

Server-centric software Applications (allow PDAs, WinCE and other devices - multiple device support to access enterprise information)

  • Syndeo Systems's AutoRoute - Route Accounting, AutoDispatch (Computer-aided dispatch), AutoSell (sales force automation), AutoComm (Server software for two-way communication), Route Manager

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