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Handheld Topics

Selecting the right device for corporate projects
Are you confused with the choice of devices available ? Do you know the criteria that you should use - choice between pen based palm PC or keyboard-attached clamshell variety, color or monochrome screen, backlighting, battery life, handwriting recognition capability, size, weight, amount of main memory, and availability of an expansion slot. Once you decide what functions and capacity you want, the choice of devices is pretty limited.

On this topic, features and price of the basic device is only one part of the puzzle in an enterprise projects where you must deploy hundreds or thousands units.  Here the total cost of ownership, web server connectivity (over and above PC connectivity that every unit has), network management - what's that with handheld?,  and software distribution capabilities are more important issues. Do not ignore them.

PC Cards for Handheld Devices
Xircom's CFE-10BT
for Windows CE-based handheld PCs - Type 2 CompactFlash+ compliant card at 10Mbps is priced around $99.00 US (1999)

Wearable Computers:

  • Wearable PC by VIA - a unique full function PC that has pen pr voice interface and can be worn on the belt or arm - great for production and manufacturing mobile applications
  • Links to interesting articles on wearable computers by Steve Mann

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