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Handheld Topics
- Resources -

Here are some good resources for PDA, Palm, Psion, and Windows CE  information:

Palm OS Resources

Palm OS Developer Technical Assistance

  • Developer Nation (www.devnation.net) service - FAQ's and knowledgebase to help Palm OS developers - will be able to ask questions in future

Windows CE Resources

Psion Resources

Blackberry Developer 

All Other Links

Handheld Medical Application Resource

PalmUser Magazine - For PalmOS Developers 

  • Palmtop site in UK publishes a PalmUser magazine (in print and CD format)  - current CD  version has over 300 MB of offline web content and software - tutorials, freeware, trial software, etc. Go here for more. 

Pricing Information on Palm Pilot, Win CE and handheld PCs

  • 2020cons.gif (2667 bytes)Go to 20-20 Consumer Tip Web site - This is an independent site that gives information on the best deals on PDAs and Palm Pilots in USA. The site does not sell products. Good idea to go here first.
  • www.cecentral.com - a good site for consumers who want the best deal on these devices. The site does sell products.
  • www.palmcentral.com - good resource for PalmPilot shareware, packaged software and other titles. The site does sell products.

Related Resources:


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