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Mobile Computing Systems Integrator's Handbook
- Table of Content & Key Features -

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Brief Description Of The Book
"Mobile Computing - Systems Integrator's Handbook" is the first comprehensive book on end-to-end design and systems integration of mobile computing solutions. The book provides information on all the technologies ( hardware, software, network, and professional disciplines involved in creating a complete mobile computing solution. It deals with architectural design, implementation and operational issues in mobile computing applications.

Readers' comments/reviews

The book is written by Chander Dhawan who has over extensive experience in architecture, design and implementation of large, enterprise-wide multi-vendor networks. He worked with IBM for the first 12 years  of his professional career and after that has been operating an independent consulting practice in Toronto as President of DOLNET Computer Communications Inc. Many of his assignments have involved large and high-profile information technology networks based on emerging technologies.

He has spent last three years researching the mobile computing subject and implemented one of the most sophisticated mobile computing pilot projects during 1993-95. He is a keen watcher of mobile computing technology and has lectured at COMDEX on the subject since 1994.  This book is based on his real-life professional experience.

The following professionals will find it useful:

  • Information Technology Planners & Architects
  • Systems Integrators
  • IT Project Managers
  • Telecommunications/Network Managers
  • Communications Software Specialists
  • Application Developers and Designers
  • Wireless Data Product Managers
  • Emerging Technology Watchers and Analysts

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Key Features Of "Mobile Computing - Systems Integrator's Handbook"

  • First book on systems integration aspects of enterprise-wide Mobile Computing projects.
  • Written by a practitioner for other practitioners.
  • Comprehensive coverage of full life cycle of a project - conception, justification, business analysis, business reengineering, technology solution design, product selection, implementation and operation.
  • Methodology for developing a technology architecture for enterprise-wide Mobile Computing Solution.
  • Coverage of an "end-to-end" technology solution including interfaces to back-end application systems (client-server, client-agent-server and legacy mainframe server.)
  • Role Of Business Process Reengineering (BPR) in Mobile Computing.
  • Methodology for business case development
  • Introduction of a new concept called "Mobile-Aware" application design
  • Evaluation of current and future wireless networks for your application needs. Motient, Cellular packet switched, RAM Mobile Data/Mobitex, CDPD, SMR, ESMR, narrowband PCS for 2-way paging, broadband PCS
  • The information in the book will be updated through an update service on world-wide-web ( a unique service.)

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Organization and Table of Contents:

Chapter One : Potential, Promise and Challenge - Deals with the potential and challenges in realizing that potential

Chapter Two : Mobile Computing Applications - discusses cross-industry and industry specific applications

Chapter Three : Business Process Reengineering - emphasizes unique role of BPR in mobile computing

Chapter Four : Business Case for Mobile computing - methodology for evaluating tangible and intangible cost and benefits of mobile computing

Chapter Five : "End-to-end" Architecture of Mobile Computing - describes how to integrate components into a mobile computing architecture

Chapter Six : End User Devices - reviews the various notebooks, PDAs, Data Communicators, two-way pagers, mobile printers and fax machines

Chapter Seven : Wireless LANs - introduces briefly role of wireless LANs for limited local area mobility

Chapter Eight : Wireless/Radio Networks - compares the technology, services, performance, and network interfaces supported by different networks. Matches application characteristics to network capabilities.

Chapter Nine : International Wireless Networks - gives you an idea of what is happening in Europe and other countries

Chapter Ten : Remote Network Access - introduces fast emerging Remote Network Access (RNA) industry based on ISDN and dialup. It discusses its relationship with mobile computing..

Chapter Eleven : Mobile Computing Communications Servers and Switches (MCSS) - introduces a new concept of MCSS as the heart beat and nerve center of mobile computing solutions

Chapter Twelve : Mobile Computing Software - discusses software architecture, client software, switching software, gateway software and role of middleware in mobile computing. It introduces important concept of agent driven client server implementation.

Chapter 13 : Mobile Computing Development Strategies and Tools. Introduces a very important concept of "mobile-aware" design.

Chapter 14 : Vendor Product Strategies - discusses the product strategies of important players.

Chapter 15 : Technical and Ergonomic Design - discusses network design, capacity planning , compression, system availability and security issues in mobile computing.

Sixteen 16 : Functional Specifications of Mobile Computing Projects - gives a template of a request for proposal for mobile computing project. Evaluation criteria is included.

Chapter 17 : Planning and Implementation considerations of mobile computing projects; provides a mobile computing project template

Chapter 18 : Managing and Operating Mobile Computing Networks

Chapter 19 : Challenges and Opportunities in Mobile Computing - author gives his opinion on the challenges being faced by the industry

Chapter 20 : Technology Trends and Future of Mobile Computing

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