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Handheld Topics
- Application Case Studies -

These are just a few of the application profiles that enduser organizations have implemented on PDAs:

Mobile Banking (1999 circa) - Bank of Montreal (with HQ in Toronto, Canada) has started a pilot service called "Veev" to test market basic banking services on a Palm Pilot. Together with Bell Mobility's wireless data services, real-time connection is achieved with bank's customer accounting system on a large IBM mainframe. The customer can get account balance, get stock quotes and pay bills from anywhere.

Ameritech provides Windows CE devices to its remote field technicians (1999 circa) - Ability to remotely check server-based information (customer service dispatch)  and synchronize data with servers was one of the key features that prompted Ameritech to use handheld computing devices run under Windows CE operating system. The technicians are now able to send reports describing jobs they performed and receive updates on customer records and billing information from ameritech's Intranet when a job is completed. It will cost over $20 million dollars to equip the field force of 10,000 technicians - as reported in information Week - May 3 1999 issue.

Lesco Restorations in Spartanburg, SC uses CE handheld devices to manage commercial properties for routine maintenance requests - change bulbs, paving repairs, etc.

Snyder Healthcare Sales in Somerset, NJ  uses NEC's Mobile Pro Ce handhelds to help coordinate salesperson's information about sample drugs they provide to doctors. They plan to equip 3000 sales representatives with the device.

At Windermere Real Estate, in Seattle, 2,000 agents access a large corporate database (almost 7-8 GB in size) for e-mail and property data through browsers on mobile phones and Palm Pilot devic with wireless connectivity.

Intertape's Supply-chain Software: Allows customers to check order status, inventory levels, and execute transactions in real-time from any Palm.net, CDMA, GSM or WAP-enabled device.

Service Master (a large organization servicing household cleaning for most part) also clean GreyHound buses. After cleaning, Service Master inspectors submit a report to Greyhound. A paper-based report has been replaced by a Palm IIIE-based solution whereby the inspectors enter information directly on the Palm and then transmit it.  Go here for more

The Albert Florens Storm Eye Institute at the Medical University of South Carolina lets its doctors do less paperwork and see more patients.

AMR, the largest privately owned ambulance company in the country, captures patient medical data prior to treatment, cutting costs and saving lives.

Bankers Trust, one of the world's largest investment managers, gives its executives instant access to real-time financial data, including stock quotes, headlines, and market alerts.

BD, a Fortune 500 healthcare products company, developed the Palm-based Rx and Dx Solutions for mobile medication management and specimen validation.

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center provides its physicians with Palm™ VII handhelds for completely mobile, web-based access to clinical information anytime, anywhere.

Fiat Crédit France's forms-based application for sales negotiation and financing drove up revenues and customer satisfaction, and paid for itself in only 18 months.

Frontline Now! implemented an SFA application which shortens the amount of time it takes to get critical information to its customers -- from 5 days to real-time.

Michelin Americas Truck Tires equipped its sales force with Palm-OS based IBM Workpads to perform custom fleet tire analysis. The solution results in improved customer service and lower operating costs for Michelin customers.

Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, a premier US healthcare teaching institute, enables doctors to access critical medical and reference information and store patient data, improving healthcare safety and administration.

BFGoodrich uses Palm handhelds for performance tire testing, saving crucial race time while gathering information quickly and cost-effectively.

Clark Wilson Homes, a large construction firm, tracks projects and communicates on-site instructions to crews, contractors, and suppliers with increased efficiency.

Gunn Automotive implemented a Palm OS® based solution which enables Gunn's sale force to access inventory information from ten different dealerships throughout San Antonio, TX - without leaving the customers side.

The Los Angeles City Fire Department saved the city $123,000 in inspections and data-entry, and its solution delivered an 11-month payback and a 109% ROI that will soar to 302% after 3 years.

The United States Postal Service implemented a mail tracking system to monitor vendor performance, making data available in days instead of months. The 1,000-seat implementation is expected to pay for itself in just six months.

Volvo Cars reduced the turnaround time of quality inspection data from as much as 3 weeks to one day, realizing huge costs savings in the process.

More Case Studies

For more general-purpose mobile case studies, go to general-purpose mobile case study index page. Remember, now most notebook and pen computer based vertical applications may be also available on smaller handheld devices. Just ask the application provider. 

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