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Hot Topics In The Mobile Computing Industry


CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) - A Second generation PCS network standard promoted by Qualcomm, now blessed by Ericsson because it acquired intellectual property rights to Qualcomm's research. 

In the recent past, when first generation AMPS cellular networks were being replaced by the second generation, there were two basic PCS technologies vying for leadership -  TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) and CDMA. However, for all intents and purposes, CDMA has won the battle - primarily because of superior performance and more channel capacity out of the same bandwidth.

For a high-level understanding of the coding scheme and differences between TDMA and CDMA, please read chapter 8 of "Mobile Computing- A Systems Integrator's Handbook".  For even a deeper understanding (for RF and electrical engineers), go to "Wireless PCS Book by Rajan Kurupillai and others" - both books published by McGraw-Hill.  Go to "More Books" page for further details on books. 

Click here for more information.  Also go to CDMA Development Group - that promotes CDMA technology. 

Do keyword search on this page using "CDMA" as keyword to get more articles and news about CDMA.

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