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Mobile Computing & Wireless Hot Topics

MVNO - Mobile Virtual Network Operator 

MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) is essentially a European concept which creates a marketing appearance of a private label wireless network even without having one. These are the essential attributes of a MVNOs:

  • MVNOs are new breed of wireless network operators who may not own the wireless spectrum, or wireless infrastructure (also termed pipe, in colloquial terms) but give a virtual appearance of owning a wireless network. These operators lease the pipe or wireless capacity from traditional operators and then repackage it for a specific vertical industry application.
  • Main added value that MVNO provides is billing and customer care functions. In that sense MVNOs own the customers.
  • MVNOs generally provide both voice and data services to end users through a paid up subscription agreement.
  • To become an MVNO, you should cobble together a partnership that consists of a connectivity partner (typically a traditional wireless network provider who owns the infrastructure and spectrum), cash, a customer base, and a sales channel. Most important, they need unique and compelling data services. For more, go to M-business article on "How to Become MVNO?"
  • Virgin Mobile Telecoms of England, Wireless Maingate of Sweden are among first group of MVNOs in Europe. Virgin has ventured into USA with Sprint PCS providing the pipe. It is quite likely that AOL would become an MVNO.

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