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Hot Topics In The Mobile Computing Industry

Speech Recognition Enabled Wireless Applications 

Speech is the most intuitive user interface for conversation and communication. Therefore, speech recognition technology has been touted as a promising technology that will solve following problems in mobile and wireless applications: 

  • User input interface

  • Conversion of text to voice and vice-versa

While using voice-based input to business applications still in early stages of development except for simple set of commands, voice has crept into a number of IT applications.

We list the following pages on our site for relevant sub-topics:

Speech Recognition Market - Cahners Report entitled Speech Recognition Finally Comes of Age

Abstract: News Issue #2001-18 - May 2001 - This news item describes announcements from Tellme and HeyAnita that each has signed agreements with leading carriers to adopt their respective speech-recognition technology.

Speech Recognition in Telematics - Talking to Your Cellphone

Abstract: News Issue #2001-31 - August 2001 - This news item is an overview of the use of voice recognition technology in automobiles

Speech Recognition in Purchasing Applications - Qpass & Nuance

Abstract: News Issue #2001-14 - April 2001 - This news item describes Qpassí partnership with Nuance to offer voice-enabled e-wallet and m-commerce services.

OpenWave's Voice Command Browser - 

Abstract: This page describes Phone.com's agreement with Conversa to co-develop a voice navigation-enabled WAP browser.

Voice-XML Servers  from vendors such as Xora and Voice-Genie

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