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Hot Topics In The Mobile Computing Industry

Wireless CRM 

CRM (Customer Resource Management) relates to the IT discipline that deals with keeping track of customers' purchases, preferences, ability to respond to their queries quickly and provide a high level of service using modern technology tools, including a web- interface, e-commerce, data mining, and business intelligence.

Wireless CRM is an enhancement to core CRM applications and systems so that you can interact with customers anywhere, any time.


  • Bandwidth network bandwidth limitations. MobileInfo advises careful design of user interface, dialogue and application data flow.

  • Support for multiple devices.  You can not control the type of devices that customers will buy.  MobileInfo recommends that vendors should support most common devices and utilize handheld data transformation software that will support multiple devices.

  • Transaction recovery is important

  • Security is extremely important

  • Support for modern payment systems besides conventional credit cards. Do a search for payment systems on our web site. 


  • Siebel has wireless-enabled their software to some extent.

  • PeopleSoft Inc., announced in March 2001 upgrade of its Mobile Sales CRM Application for WAP devices (smart phones and pDAs) in March 2001). In the past, PeopleSoft had supported RIM's Blackberry for field service dispatch application.

  • OracleMobile has announced enhancements to Oracle's CRM application suite for mobile and wireless features. 

  • Interact Commerce released SalesLogix.net - for WAP-enabled support

  • InvenSys  plc has a wireless version of eConfiguration - a sales configuration software.  Invensys is a global automation and controls company with headquarters in U.K.

Customer Case Study 

  • Dain Rauscher Wessels Inc. - 1200 Investment executives and research directors are using a wireless application from Pivotal -called Instant Action Wireless application. These professionals find that realtime access to information is critical to making deals while discussing proposals with customers. 

Every morning, Dan Rauscher sales professionals have an investment call with their global sales personnel to discuss stock market performance. After the meeting, they call their high-net worth customers and pitch their investments. Quite often, the customer wants to speak to research analysts but these analysts are on the road pften. They do not check their e-mail immediately. It is important to respond to these customer queries in seconds or minutes. Now these queries are sent by e-mail to their Blackberry pagers. The company attributres 29% increase in sales due to this responsiveness. Dan Rauscher thinks that they recovered their costs in months.  (Source -Information week  -April 30 issue)

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