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Hot Topics In The Mobile Computing Industry

Wireless ERP & Supply Chain Systems

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ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) systems relate to the IT discipline that deals with keeping fundamental business processes of a company - whether they deal with manufacturing automobiles or providing financial services to its customers. 

Wireless ERP is an enhancement to core ERP applications and systems so that mobile sales force and customer service personnel can interact with this information from anywhere, any time.


  • Bandwidth network bandwidth limitations. MobileInfo advises careful design of user interface, dialogue and application data flow.

  • Support for multiple devices.  You can not always control the type of devices that different sets of employees may buy.  MobileInfo recommends that vendors should support most common devices and utilize handheld data transformation software that will support multiple devices.

  • message and transaction recovery (called message persistency in technical terms) from handheld devices and wireless networks is extremely important.

  • Security is extremely important.

  • Well-designed integration with your in-house ERP systems is extremely important


  • Xora Platform 3.0 


  • SAP

  • PeopleSoft

  • Sonic Software and Xora Inc. are developing software products that will interface with supply chain systems. Sonic Air supplies a wireless messaging software - Sonic MQ e-business messaging middleware server. Xora build remote access software.

  • Sonic is working with GE Global Exchange Services and Commerce One also.

  • Ironside

Customer Profiles 

  • World Commerce Online Inc,  - offers its customers (agricultural consortiums and flower consortium, a fruit consortium) web-based wireless interface to its ERP system.  This is based on Xora technology.

  • Intertape Polymer Group, Montreal, PQ, Canada  - Employs PalmVII PDAs for allowing its sales force to access customer information wirelessly. They use Ironside's eWireless platform.

  • Samson & Sessions Case Study 

Source - Some of the information on this page is from e-week magazine - July 9 2001 issue.

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