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Hot Topics In The Mobile Computing Industry

Wireless Printing

Wireless printing allows you to print your documents, letters, presentations, product brochures, marketing material from anywhere and anytime while you are away from a fixed location. Following situations are pretty good examples where wireless printing might be useful:

  1. You are at the airport lounge and want to print a document that you received from your lawyer. You can direct that to a local Bluetooth-connected printer.

  2. You are a sales person and want to send a price list or a product specification while you are on the road and are answering a call from your customer. By bringing up a specialized wireless printing software on your handheld device, you can issue a command and send a printable file to a network printer that is connected to a Internet-enabled server or a PC with a unique IP address.

  3. You are traveling on the highway and enjoying coffee at Star Bucks. You download a map to your next appointment into your handheld and want to print it on a printer available at Star Bucks. There is a small fee to print but you feel that it is worth carrying a printed map for quick reference in the car.

What Technology Components Makes It Happen?

  • Bluetooth-enablement of your handheld, if you want to connect to a local printer

  • Specialized wireless printing software that directs the file to a remote web-enabled printer

  • Wireless Printing portal service that keeps track of printers available at hot spots and other public/private locations, including customer's offices 


  • Need for Blue-tooth-enabled devices

  • Support and availability of hot printers at hot spots (airports, coffee shops, plaza, business centers) is still not there (3Qtr 2001)

Vendors & Products

  • Retrieval Dynamics with specialized software

  • HP with its smart-print technology

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Date When This Page was Published - October 2001

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