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Mobile Computing & Wireless Hot Topics

F-Secure Anti-Virus Software For WAP

Problem: Mobile computing has allowed enterprises to extend their workforces beyond their secure environments making them vulnerable to vandals and cyber-thieves, tapping into their systems from virtually anywhere.

Even though the infrastructure in WAP-enabled devices are embedded with a high level of security from confidentiality, privacy and authenticating, it become a target for malicious code. It is important, therefore, that an infrastructure have the capacity to be updated quickly so as to detect and remove any emerging malicious code threats.

Solution: F-Secure Anti-Virus for WAP Gateways protects wireless communications, transactions and e-commerce from new and emerging malicious code by:

  • Checking for viruses and Trojan horses in the content to be transferred to WAP-enabled devices
  • Detecting and disinfecting WAP-related malicious content transparently and automatically
  • Providing timely updates of malicious code detection activity
  • Providing centralized policy based management based on its F-Secure Framework security architecture
  • Tightly integrating it with a range of security applications from F-Secure, including Anti-Virus for workstations and servers, file encryption products, network encryption applications and distributed firewall products

Industries: Security issues are important in all enterprises but for financial and government institutions, cyber vandalism can have irreversible consequences. With its latest anti-virus product, F-Secure has established relationships with WAP gateway vendors to ensure that security is built into the very essence of the wireless environment.

Company: F-Secure Corporation is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, with offices worldwide. It develops centrally managed, widely distributed security solutions for the mobile, distributed enterprise. F-Secure supports businesses with a broad range of centrally managed and widely distributed the best-of-breed data security applications but on highly scalable management infrastructure.

For more information, go to http://www.fsecure.com


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