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Issue #2001 - 14 (Apr. 2001)
(Updated April 4, 2001)


VeriFone Introduces New Omni 3600 Wireless Terminal

Building on the success of its popular Omni family of wireless terminals, VeriFone, a division of Hewlett-Packard, has produced a wireless payment terminal that allows merchants to accept e-payment along with a host of value-added functions.

The easy to use Omni 3600 e-payment is described as a multi-application and multipurpose device that can process payments in three to seven seconds, regardless of location. In addition, the device has the capabilities for gift card, loyalty, and age verification applications. For example, air-miles can easily be accepted by the swipe of a card or a customerís age could be verified instantly for the purchase of regulated products.

Features of the Omni 3600

  • 32-bit processor
  • Triple-track magnetic-stripe reader
  • Primary smart card reader, which is compliant with
  • Europay
  • MasterCard
  • Visa (EMV) standards
  • Internal PINpad to support a wide range of applications
  • Three Security Access Modules (SAMs)
  • VeriFoneís Verix operating system
  • Backlit graphical display

The first version of the Omni 3600 will utilize the Cingular Interactive Intelligent Wireless Network as well as Mobitex networks in Canada and areas of Latin America. Later versions will use the GSM wireless networks covering areas of Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

For more information: http://www.verifone.com/news/press_rel/html/pr030801_Omni3600.html

Mobileinfo Comments and Advisory: We think that wireless payment terminals are niche devices, especially if these are based on proprietary platforms.

Note: This news release may contain forward-looking statements. Readers should take appropriate caution in developing plans utilizing these products, services and technology architectures.  All trademarks used in this summary are the property of their respective owners.

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