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Issue #2003 - 10 (March 2003)
(Updated Mar. 26, 2003)


RIM To Offer BlackBerry Connectivity For Microsoft Windows Powered Mobile Devices

Pocket PC And Smartphone Devices From HTC To Include BlackBerry Connectivity

Waterloo, ON - Research In Motion (RIM)  today announced plans to enable BlackBerry™ connectivity for mobile devices based on the Microsoft Windows Powered Pocket PC and Smartphone platforms. RIM will provide a solution to help mobile device manufacturers and mobile operators easily integrate BlackBerry email and data services into their Pocket PC and Smartphone products.

"The growing popularity of Microsoft Windows Powered devices has inspired developers to create a wide range of innovative solutions that work with these platforms. We're pleased RIM is extending its software and services to Pocket PC and Smartphone customers," said Andy Haon, director of the Mobile Devices Division at Microsoft Corp. "RIM's development work gives customers another option for wireless messaging solutions."

"The combination of BlackBerry wireless connectivity, advanced services, leading operating systems and choice of mobile devices will provide a compelling push-based solution that will increase the popularity of data services in Europe," said Kent Thexton, Chief Marketing Officer at mm02. "We have strong relationships with RIM, HTC and Microsoft and are pleased to all be working together to deliver innovative wireless solutions to corporate customers."

"RIM is committed to enhancing and extending the BlackBerry wireless platform with multi-device and multi-network support," said Jim Balsillie, Chairman and Co-CEO at Research In Motion. "We have worked closely with Microsoft for several years to ensure proper BlackBerry integration with Exchange and are pleased to now expand our relationship to provide BlackBerry connectivity to leading Smartphone and Pocket PC licensees such as HTC."

HTC is a leading original design manufacturer (ODM) of Pocket PC and Smartphone products. HTC designs innovative smart handheld devices that motivate consumer interest and provide added value to corporate users. By providing different ways to communicate beyond voice, HTC delivers personal and powerful mobile experiences that offer customers multiple choices to keep in touch, whether via voice, text or a combination of both.

"Microsoft and HTC have jointly delivered some of the most successful and popular mobile devices and we are excited to now work with RIM to enable BlackBerry connectivity for our customers," said HT Cho, President at HTC. "The RIM solution for Pocket PC and Smartphone will simplify the integration of BlackBerry connectivity into our Pocket PC and Smartphone products."

Today, RIM formally introduced its 'BlackBerry Connect™' licensing program that enables mobile device manufacturers to equip their handsets with the reliable, proven, secure, push-based BlackBerry wireless data experience. With this licensing program and RIM's work with Microsoft, Pocket PC and Smartphone licensees such as HTC will be able to easily integrate the BlackBerry experience in their devices.

BlackBerry is a leading wireless enterprise platform that has been widely deployed to provide wireless access to information. The BlackBerry architecture supports enterprise requirements including back-end integration, end-to-end security and push-based wireless applications. Thousands of organizations across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific already use BlackBerry with expansion beginning in Latin America.

For more information: http://www.blackberry.com

MobileInfo Comments and Advisory: RIM is on the right track in recognizing that it must open up to other devices.  Several analysts, including us, have suggested that RIM should start supporting more devices out of its enterprise server. It can continue to sell and support its Blackberry device in a superior fashion. In fact, this decision will help selling more Blackberries because it will take away one major objection of IT managers who have to support a variety of PDAs in their organizations. Many professionals will continue to prefer Blackberry devices.

 Note: This news release may contain forward-looking statements within the meaning of section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and section 21E of Securities Exchange act of 1934 in USA. Similar provisions exist in other countries. There is no assurance that the stipulated plans of vendors will be implemented. MobileInfo does not warrant the authenticity of the information. Readers should take appropriate caution in developing plans utilizing these products, services and technology architectures.  All trademarks used in this summary are the property of their respective owners.

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