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Issue #2003 - 15 (May 2003)
(Updated May 8, 2003)


Leading Enterprise Solution Providers Commit to Symbian OS Platform

(Source: ZDNet News, boston.internet.com) 

29th April 2003 – Symbian Exposium03, London, UK –Today the world’s leading IT solution, consulting and tools vendors have joined together as founding members of the Symbian Enterprise Advisory Council, (SEAC). SEAC members include Accenture, Adobe Systems Incorporated, Borland, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young Certicom, Extended Systems, iAnywhere Solutions, Metrowerks, Oracle, SAP, Synchrologic, and XcelleNet.

SEAC members will contribute their technological and commercial expertise, experience and insight to ensure alignment between Symbian OS phones and the needs of the enterprise IT solution market.

SEAC is an elite group of the world’s leading IT vendors who have deep experience and understanding of the evolving environment for mobile business applications. Symbian and Symbian OS licensees will collaborate with SEAC members on Symbian OS development and business strategy, to ensure the best end-to-end solutions delivery into the enterprise market.

Jeffrey Siegel, Vice President Enterprise, Symbian Ltd said:
“The formation of the Symbian Enterprise Advisory Council is an important next step in our commitment to delivering the best end-to-end solutions to enterprise customers. Symbian and Symbian OS licensees are working closely with the world’s leading IT business solution companies to understand and address the needs of businesses worldwide. At Exposium03 Symbian enterprise partners are demonstrating a broad range of innovative, cost effective, scalable, reliable solutions now available for Symbian OS products. These solutions range from email redirector solutions for the SOHO market to secure network access and systems management for major corporate customers.”

Rick Bess, director of Product Management, ePaper Business Unit, Adobe, said:
"The Symbian OS is an important platform for mobile enterprise solutions and the standard for advanced phones. We’re pleased to join other leading companies as a founding member of the SEAC, As we continue to expand the reach of the free Adobe Reader and Adobe PDF to the extended enterprise, the Symbian platform will play a crucial role in empowering mobile professionals to conduct business, anytime, anywhere, on any device.”

J.P. LeBlanc, vice president and general manager of mobile and C++ solutions, Borland, said:
"Borland is committed to helping enterprises worldwide to accelerate the application lifecycle for mobile devices. By working with Symbian and Symbian OS licensees through the SEAC, we are able to gain further insight into the rapidly growing mobile market, addressing the increasing need for enterprise mobile development solutions.”

Ian McKinnon, President and CEO of Certicom, said:
"Symbian has taken a leadership role in the wireless industry internationally with the development of Symbian OS for advanced mobile applications "As Symbian turns its attention to meeting the needs of the enterprise, Certicom is committed to providing security functionality that does not affect performance, enabling users to securely access information anytime, anyplace. Certicom works with our partners to strengthen their product offerings and provide world-class security expertise and counsel. As a founding member of the Symbian Enterprise Advisory Council, we are committed to the advancement of the Symbian OS and mobile enterprise communications at large."

Sam Forster, Global Technology Director, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young Global Technology Services, said:
"CGE&Y is totally committed to the development of the market for mobility. As a global IT services provider and market leading supplier of Enterprise Mobility solutions, we see the convergence of the IT and Mobile markets as critical to the future. Sat at the heart of this convergence, and with its massive market share; the Symbian platform will play a crucial role in driving the development and adoption of mobility as the part of the business operation fabric. In SEAC we see a great opportunity to work closely with other like minded and committed organisations; to share our knowledge and experience; and to drive forward the value for clients which is to be found in mobile enterprise solutions."

Steve Simpson, CEO and President of Extended Systems, said:
"Extended Systems recognizes Symbian as one of the leading platforms for mobile enterprise solutions. As we continue to gain enterprise market share with our data sync and mobile application solution set, our support for Symbian is imperative. Extended Systems is pleased to be a founder member of SEAC, as we look forward to further developing our mutually beneficial relationship with Symbian."

Matt Harris, President, Metrowerks EMEA said:
"Metrowerks' two-plus year relationship with Symbian has resulted in the creation of the industry's most comprehensive suite of development tools for Symbian environments. CodeWarrior? Development Studio for Symbian OS, which supports both Series 60 and UIQ, has endowed Metrowerks with vast insight into the Symbian community, and we are happy to share this experience via our participation in the SEAC."

Jacob Christfort, Vice President of Product Development and Chief Technology Officer of Oracle's Wireless and Voice Products & Services Division.
"Oracle and Symbian have been working together on joint solutions since as far back as our work on Oracle Lite in November 1998. Oracle shares with Symbian both vision and deep experience of what mobile business solutions can achieve. Our participation as joint founder member of the SEAC is a demonstration of our ongoing commitment to ensuring that mobile capabilities of the highest quality can be brought to market for the benefit of businesses everywhere."

Russ Anderton, VP – Business Development, XcelleNet said:
“We are excited about working closely with Symbian to enhance the value of mobile device deployments on the frontlines of business. XcelleNet has a long history of providing enterprise solutions that provide for the deployment and management of remote and mobile devices, applications and data critical to businesses. We look forward to sharing our enterprise expertise with Symbian and the other founding members of this Council.”

America Online Signs Up with Symbian
Symbian and America Online Inc., announced that America Online has joined Symbian's Platinum Program. As a Symbian Platinum partner, America Online is able to develop its wireless instant messaging services -- AOL Instant Messenger and ICQ -- as well as its predictive text input software, T9 Text Input, for Symbian OS mobile phones. In addition, America Online will have the ability to develop content-based services and applications for the Symbian operating system. AOL Instant Messenger and ICQ mobile products allow wireless subscribers to access their list of contacts on their phones, see who is online and available to chat at any given moment, search for new or old friends, and send and receive messages. T9 Text Input software, or "predictive text input," enables the use of wireless communication services such as SMS (short messaging service), mobile instant messaging and e-mail by making it easier for consumers to enter text and characters into their wireless phones, using just one key press per letter. Handset manufacturers including Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Siemens and Sony Ericsson license Symbian OS, an open global industry standard operating system for advanced mobile phones. 

(Source: ZDNet News, boston.internet.com)

MobileInfo Comments and Advisory: SEAC (Symbian Enterprise Advisory Council) will certainly help Symbian gain momentum as a formidable challenge to Microsoft's Pocket PC. We do need competition in the enterprise space.

 Note: This news release may contain forward-looking statements within the meaning of section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and section 21E of Securities Exchange act of 1934 in USA. Similar provisions exist in other countries. There is no assurance that the stipulated plans of vendors will be implemented. MobileInfo does not warrant the authenticity of the information. Readers should take appropriate caution in developing plans utilizing these products, services and technology architectures.  All trademarks used in this summary are the property of their respective owners.

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