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Issue #2003 - 16 (May 2003)
(Updated May 15, 2003)


New PalmSource Development Toolkit Unleashes ARM Power

PALMSOURCE DEVELOPER SEMINAR, SAN MATEO, Calif. -- May, 2003 -- PalmSource, Inc., provider of the world's most popular operating system for handhelds and smartphones, and the Palm OS® subsidiary of Palm, Inc., introduced its Fast ARM Solutions Toolkit (FAST). FAST provides developers with an easier and faster path toward creating ARM native applications for Palm OS 5 that will be compatible with future versions of the operating system.

The commercial success of ARM-based Palm OS 5 mobile devices such as the Palm Tungsten and Sony CLIÉ product lines has raised demand and new opportunities for higher performance enterprise, wireless and multimedia applications. FAST will enable developers to expand the range and quality of applications they create for compute-intensive environments. Multimedia, 3D games, security, voice over IP, scientific applications and digital signal processing are just a few examples of the types of applications that will benefit substantially from this improvement.

"Palm OS 5 has created a strong foundation for very successful products that take advantage of processing power and applications compatibility," said David Nagel, president and CEO of PalmSource, Inc. "FAST keeps the promise of compatibility for future Palm OS systems and provides developers with a much improved development environment for optimizing their applications."

FAST allows developers to more easily optimize applications for higher performance, extracting the full power of ARM. It includes the new Palm OS Debugger 2.0 (POD), which will allow developers to write and debug code faster. Integrated development tools and runtime libraries are also key parts of the package and include a new product from Metrowerks, Code Warrior, 9.2. Other features and benefits of FAST include:

  • Support for greater than 64k ARM resources 
  • Support for global variables in ARM components 
  • Sample code available for reference and quick start 
  • Allow developers to more easily optimize applications to achieve higher performance 
  • Provides a simplified route to create ARM applications for new Palm OS developers 
  • Developers have found optimizing their applications for Palm OS 5 to be rewarding. John Chaffee, president of SplashData, a leading developer of virtual wallet applications for Palm Powered™ handhelds, says, "Converting SplashPhoto to an ARMlet resulted in a 20-times performance increase over 68k code. Customers have been blown away by the performance increase and it shows in our sales. Developing the ARMlet has generated a positive ROI and was well worth the effort."

FAST is an improved methodology over the existing ARMlet development support PSI offered since the first release of Palm OS 5. FAST's new features provide more developers easier access to increased performance by allowing them to add ARM native code into existing 68k Palm OS applications. The toolkit also provides compatibility with OS 6 and future Palm OS versions.

Palm OS 5 runs on ARM processors that are available in a wide range of price-performance combinations from Palm OS Ready partners, including ATI, Intel, Motorola, Samsung Semiconductor and Texas Instruments. These powerful chips combined with Palm OS 5, enable PalmSource licensees to produce a diverse range of mobile devices for every user need, from cutting-edge smartphones and entertainment handhelds to mobile business devices.

For More Information: FAST will be distributed free of charge via PalmSource's Developer Support website at http://www.palmos.com/dev/tools within approximately 60 days. Metrowerks' CodeWarrior 9.2 developer product will be distributed through Metrowerks.

Source: Palmsource Press Release

MobileInfo Comments and Advisory: FAST should help Palm developers to develop applications on a new set of devices using ARMS processor and Palm OS 5. 

Note: This news release may contain forward-looking statements within the meaning of section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and section 21E of Securities Exchange act of 1934 in USA. Similar provisions exist in other countries. There is no assurance that the stipulated plans of vendors will be implemented. MobileInfo does not warrant the authenticity of the information. Readers should take appropriate caution in developing plans utilizing these products, services and technology architectures.  All trademarks used in this summary are the property of their respective owners.

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