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Issue #2003 - 20 (June 2003)
(Updated June 30, 2003)


WiFi News This Week

Source: 80211 Report.Com

1. Industry embraces Microsoft's Windows Mobile - Microsoft's new Windows Mobile 2003 software for Pocket PC operating system 
More about news item in this newsletter

2. IBM Includes Security in WebSphere for Enterprise Access Through Hotspots 
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3. WLAN Shipments Sharply Up; Revenue Up Only Slightly

WLAN 2002 story line: equipment sales more than double, revenue increase more modestSales of WLAN equipment more than doubled in 2002 from 2001 levels. The surge was driven by falling prices, higher demand for mobile computing, and better interoperability among devices. Research firm Gartner said worldwide WLAN equipment shipments totaled 19.5 million units in 2002, a 120 percent increase over the 8.9 million units shipped in 2001. Falling prices, however, meant that revenue for WLAN equipment increased by only 29 percent.
Source: Fiercewireless, 80211Report, Forward Concepts

4. AMD Off the Block with 802.11g Support
No sooner has the 802.11g standard been ratified then the first mobile version of it has become available: AMD yesterday unveiled three new processors which avail themselves of the just-ratified technology. The semiconductor manufacturer of Sunnyvale, California, said its Athlon XP-M processors 2800+, 2000+, and 1900+ were compatible with current graphics and wireless solutions, including 802.11a, 802.11b, and post-ratification 802.11g. The three 0.13 micron processors offer 512KB of on-die L2 cache, and support front-side bus speeds of up to 266 MHz. AMD said its Athlon XP-M processors 2000+ and 1900+ (priced at $134 and $123, respectively, in 1,000-unit quantities) are low-voltage work-horses that will prove popular with notebook makers. The Athlon XP-M processor 2800+, aimed at desktop-replacement notebooks, is priced at $230 in 1,000-unit quantities. Time Computers said it would feature the mobile AMD Athlon XP-M processor 2800+ in its Time Traveler "AR" series of notebooks beginning this week.

5. 3Com joins 802.11g fray
3Com today showed the 3Com OfficeConnect Wireless 11g solutions, the company's family of 802.11g-compliant wireless products. 3Com thus joins a growing list of companies offering 802.11g products -- a list that's likely to grow following last week's ratification of the standard by the IEEE. 3Com's new products are compliant with the ratified standard, and they also include the new 256-bit-encryption Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) security protocol. The new family includes three devices:· Access point, which may be configured as a client bridge or an access point and provides Clear Channel Select· Gateway, which incorporates additional wired security, including stateful packet inspection firewall, hacker pattern detection, VPN pass through, NAT and URL filtering· PC card, which incorporates features such as Wireless Card Manager, enabling the network administrator to perform wireless profiles and site scan/browse techniques. The access point and gateway are anticipated to ship in July 2003, with an expected street price of $135 for the former and $125 for the latter. The PC card is anticipated to ship June 2003, with an expected street price of $79.Analysts believe that 3Com's move will help the company 

6. Largest Hotspot
The University of Twente in the Netherlands has launched the largest hot spot in Europe. The hot spot, built in conjunction with IBM and Cisco Systems, extends over the entire 346-acre campus, supporting 6,000 students and 2,500 staff members, and employing 650 Cisco Aironet 12000 series access points. Most of the network uses 802.11b, but parts already run on 802.11a. The Wireless Campus project has also employed WAP and GPRS, and in the future plans to roll out UMTS.

Source: 80211 Report.Com

MobileInfo Comments and Advisory: IEEE 802.11g is where future Wi-Fi action is.

Note: This news release may contain forward-looking statements within the meaning of section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and section 21E of Securities Exchange act of 1934 in USA. Similar provisions exist in other countries. There is no assurance that the stipulated plans of vendors will be implemented. MobileInfo does not warrant the authenticity of the information. Readers should take appropriate caution in developing plans utilizing these products, services and technology architectures.  All trademarks used in this summary are the property of their respective owners.

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