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Issue #2003 - 26 (October 2003)
(Updated Oct. 1, 2003)


Samsung Introduces New Handsets - Mobile Entertainment Terminals

Source: 3g.co.uk newsletter

ASIA : Samsung redefines mobile communication at DigitAll Inspiration 2003, as it unveils a broad range of innovative, feature-packed handsets. Whether it's catching the latest television program, getting that important email, or taking a snapshot, SAMSUNG will demonstrate a mobile phone to meet any communication or entertainment need.

The line of mobile intelligent terminals, or MITs, is designed to allow users to bring their most important data with them on the road. These terminals pack more computing power than laptops a decade ago, with the power of integrated high-speed wireless communication. The devices are not limited to mere emailing or office document editing; rather, they are capable of playing multimedia content such as digital music or video clips.

Understanding that each consumer has different needs than the next, SAMSUNG Electronics is offering a variety of options to choose from. SAMSUNG is the only major handset manufacturer to offer handsets based on Palm, PocketPC, and Symbian operating systems.

SPH-i700, a mobile intelligent terminal built around the Pocket PC Phone Edition operating system from Microsoft, includes Pocket Office for business needs, Windows Media Player for multimedia file playback and MSN Messenger for text messaging. Thanks to the integrated CDMA 2000 1X wireless communication module, the SPH-i700 enhances all these functions with broadband wireless connectivity. In addition, the device includes a built-in VGA camera with a rotating lens to enable consumers the ability to share images taken to be wirelessly shared with friends or colleagues.

SGH-D700 is a GSM/GPRS phone based on Symbian OS with full multimedia features, including video messaging and movie clip playback. Additionally, the device has camcorder functionality with rotating screen and camera lens for enhanced usability?giving consumers the ability to capture those special moments, without having to lug around an extra device. Further, to allow best use of SGH-D700's extensive multimedia features, the designers at SAMSUNG added support for MMC (multimedia card) memory expansion. The crystal clear 65,000 color TFT LCD screen ensures the best viewing experience.

SPH-i500 is SAMSUNG's newest terminal based on the Palm OS. This CDMA 2000 1X enabled mobile intelligent terminal features a compact, clamshell phone design measuring only 54X 87 X 21.5 mm when folded. The handset boasts a 65k color-capable TFT LCD screen, dual touch screen panels with separated display and graffiti areas, Easy Text Input, voice activated dialing and voice memo, and 16 polyphonic sounds. It is a fully-fledged Palm PDA and is completely compatible with all Palm applications.

SPH-i500 allows for faster and more reliable file transfers than ever before. And, built-in communication applications, as well as various third party Web browsers and email applications, allow the phone to serve as a fully portable all-in-one wireless Web terminal.

Entertainment On-the-Go
SAMSUNG's newest handsets are not only intelligent, but also fun. SAMSUNG's latest handsets, the SGH-E715 and SGH-P705, are compact entertainment devices with clamshell design form-factors. 
SGH-E715 is a compact and lightweight dual-frequency GSM/GPRS phone with an embedded VGA camera. This unique folding model has a camera mounted on the front and an internal antenna. The external LCD can be used as the viewfinder, allowing for picture-taking without ever having to open the phone. Various stored image templates can be used to decorate the snapshots. And, with its LED light, the SGH-E715 can even take clear, sharp images in the dark.

SGH-P705 is a phone and an NTSC television that's small and light enough to fit in your shirt pocket, which also provides full GSM/GPRS capabilities. Despite the diminutive size, the device's striking, 262,144 color TFT LCD display provides true to life images to ensure viewing pleasure. And, if a particular scene grabs your interest, SGH-P705 can even capture that image can and send it to other parties using embedded multimedia messaging service support. The phone also includes 40 polyphonic ring tones and a built-in WAP 2.0 browser to match up to any other GPRS phone in the market.


Model SPH-i700 

  • Weight 180g
  • Size 132x70x16mm 
  • Display 65K Color TFT-LCD(240x320) 
  • Battery 1050mAh/2000mAh
  • Memory Phone : F/M 32Mb+SRAM 8Mb
  • PDA : F/M 32MB+SDRAM 64MB
  • OS PocketPC 2002 
  • CPU
  • Mode 1X Digital Only(800/1900) 
  • Melody
  • Design

Model SGH-D700 

  • Platform Symbian 6.1, S60 1.2 
  • Dimension 89 x 49 x 26mm 
  • Camera Built-in (VGA) 
  • Display 65K TFT 176x208 
  • Messaging MMS / Email
  • Java O 
  • Feature Camcorder / Voice Reco / MP3 / MMC 

Model SPH-i500

  • Weight 130g 
  • Size 54x87x21.5mm 
  • Display 162x176, 65,000 color TFT LCD 
  • Battery 800/ 1100/ 1600mAh Li-Ion 
  • Memory Flash ROM 8MB + DRAM 16MB
  • OS Palm OS 4.1 
  • CPU MSM5100 & Dragonball 66MHz 
  • Mode CDMA IX Tri Mode
  • Melody CMX 16 poly 
  • Design Clam Shell 
  • Model SGH-E715
  • Camera ", VGA, CMOS

Source: www.3g.co.uk and http://www.samsung.com

MobileInfo Comments and Advisory: Samsung is coming on strong as an important handset vendor - close on the heels of Nokia. Mobile entertainment handsets will be successful in Asia first.

Note: This news release may contain forward-looking statements within the meaning of section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and section 21E of Securities Exchange act of 1934 in USA. Similar provisions exist in other countries. There is no assurance that the stipulated plans of vendors will be implemented. MobileInfo does not warrant the authenticity of the information. Readers should take appropriate caution in developing plans utilizing these products, services and technology architectures.  All trademarks used in this summary are the property of their respective owners.

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