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Press Release 2002

Press Release - November 13, 2002 - MDeverywhere's Handheld Solution Offers Positive ROI, Significant Time Savings and Improved Workflow 

DURHAM, N.C. and ST. LOUIS, MO (October 29, 2002) - MDeverywhere, a leading provider of handheld solutions for physicians to improve efficiency and accuracy at the point of care, announces the latest return on investment (ROI) results, which include a related productivity review. The study, conducted for the Department of Internal Medicine, SLUCare (the physician group at Saint Louis University), is unique because it encompasses MDeverywhere's integrated encounter capture services, EveryCharge® (charge capture) and EveryNoteSM (voice dictation).

MDeverywhere's EveryCharge proved a 190 percent ROI for outpatient activity, achieved through the reduction of lost charges and days to billing, fewer write-offs and an improved consult mix. In addition, the Department of Internal Medicine compared the results of physician coding for inpatient charges to charges garnered from hospital charts. Preliminary results indicate a combined 328 percent ROI for both inpatient and outpatient activity. 

The EveryNote productivity review compared integrated dictation to previous methods of capturing notes, and found a significant time savings. Prior to integrated mobile dictation capture, physicians typically dictated patient notes into an automated phone system or a stand-alone voice recorder. The review showed that physicians saved an average of one minute per dictation, which is equivalent to each provider adding five, 15-minute patient visits per month.

"The combined workflow enhancements, ease of use and positive ROI clearly demonstrate the value of the MDeverywhere solution," says Tyler Artz, director of operations, SLUCare, Department of Internal Medicine. "We are realizing efficiencies, increasing accuracy, and improving compliance, simply by allowing physicians to simultaneously code charges and dictate notes." 

With MDeverywhere, physicians are able to select the patient and move seamlessly through the charge capture process and dictate the accompanying note without having to backtrack and re-identify the patient. Furthermore, key data elements from the encounter, such as patient identifiers, diagnoses and procedures, are routed with the dictated information, reducing dictation time and lost or unidentified notes. Integrated dictation can also increase transcription accuracy and reduce transcription costs. 
"Keeping organized while moving between the clinic, the office and rounds is a challenge," says Dr. Doug Walden, SLUCare, Department of Internal Medicine. "MDeverywhere has successfully alleviated many of the administrative frustrations inherent in my daily medical practice. I like the convenience of being able to complete all transactions on a single device."

"MDeverywhere supports healthcare organizations with intuitive tools for physicians designed to effectively manage information in a challenging, fast-paced environment," says Howard Jewell, MDeverywhere president and CEO. "Consistently reliable information systems that enhance workflow and processes are essential to physician adoption and satisfaction. The integration of charge capture and dictation enables such process improvement and practice enhancement."

About MDeverywhere
MDeverywhere offers industry leading point-of-care solutions designed to streamline the business of medicine for physicians. The solution components, EveryCharge, EveryNote, EveryOrderSM (order capture) and EveryReferenceSM (reference tools), build efficiency and productivity into physicians' workflow, reclaiming dollars previously lost as the result of bulky administrative processes. Seven published ROI studies at major healthcare organizations proved an average 317 percent ROI.

MDeverywhere recently announced a partnership with Unbound Medicine, enabling care providers to add A to Z Drug Facts, Drug Interaction Facts Module and MEDLINE Journals to their existing service. MDeverywhere interfaces with major practice management systems and is available on Palm OS- and Pocket PC-based handheld devices or desktop workstations. For additional information, please visit www.mdeverywhere.com.

For more information: http://www.mdeverywhere.com




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