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Press Release 2002

December 2002: Padcom Enables Seamless CDMA 1xRTT/802.11 Roaming With Release of Version 3.60 Software

Software also provides application-specific network prioritization, enabling greater control over network usage 

Bethlehem, PA -- December 5, 2002 -- Padcom Inc., a software company that creates a virtual single data network through the combination of multiple dissimilar wireless networks, today announced the release of Version 3.60 of its Connectivity Suite software. A modular software platform for wireless data networks, the Connectivity Suite controls and simplifies information flow, resulting in improved productivity and safety for field personnel. Version 3.60 introduces a CDMA 1xRTT network adapter, enabling seamless roaming between a 2.5G wide area network and other wireless data networks including private RF, CDPD, proprietary networks and WLANs. The new software version also offers enhanced application routing, providing administrators with a greater ability to specify business rules and prioritize the applications employed by users. 

Available for use on CDMA 1xRTT next-generation networks, including both Verizon and Sprint, Version 3.60 of the Connectivity Suite enables users to seamlessly roam between CDMA 1xRTT and WLANs, providing the ability to send and receive high-bandwidth data within 802.11b hotspots and maintaining connectivity as users move between networks. Also providing the ability to roam between 2.5G networks and existing wide area networks such as CDPD and private RF without application or user intervention, Version 3.60 of the Connectivity Suite enables users to take advantage of the newly deployed high-speed networks while preserving the investment in legacy networks. 

"The shift towards multi-network roaming is already becoming evident and will continue to grow as the wireless industry evolves," said Tim Scannell, president and chief analyst, Shoreline Research. "This is especially true as companies become more aware of the need for seamless integration, data reliability and secure access from remote locations. In Version 3.60 of the Connectivity Suite, Padcom has successfully resolved these issues and goes a step further by providing network administrators with additional levels of control when dealing with multi-network wireless and mobile environments."

The Connectivity Suite addresses the security risks associated with the dynamic IP addressing that is used with 1xRTT networks. With dynamic IP addressing, each time a user connects their IP address changes meaning that administrators cannot always link a particular IP address to a specific device. With the Connectivity Suite, the network assigns a static IP address to the device, minimizing security concerns while still providing access to the 1xRTT network. 

For IT administrators, the release of Version 3.60 offers a greater ability to specify individual business rules. The patent pending Port Routing feature of the Connectivity Suite allows administrators to specify which networks can be used for specific applications. The updated functionality includes the ability to apply detailed rules that specify and prioritize the routing characteristics of application packets, providing IT administrators with greater control over network usage. 

For example, administrators can have different network priorities assigned to different applications. Web browsers can be configured to use wireless LAN as the primary network and CDMA 1xRTT as the secondary network, while records management systems would use Motorola RD-LAP as the primary network and CDMA 1xRTT as the secondary network. This functionality adds a new level of user specification by defining network priorities for specific applications and is in response to customers' desire for greater control over network use. 

"Version 3.60 of the Connectivity Suite reinforces Padcom's commitment to better wireless data management," said Mark Ferguson, marketing director at Padcom. "The CDMA 1xRTT network adapter provides a seamless migration path from CDPD without altering the communication platform while the Port Routing enhancement provides organizations with a better opportunity to tailor network access to their specific needs."

About Padcom
Padcom is a leading provider of wireless data communication technology to public safety organizations, utilities, transportation, and field service industries. Padcom's Connectivity Suite software helps clients overcome the shortcomings of wireless data communication by bridging the gap between wireline and wireless data communication, simplifying information flow and providing greater control for IT departments. Padcom is the only company to offer network switching software that makes it possible for wireless applications to work seamlessly across multiple networks. For more information, visit Padcom's web site at www.padcomUSA.com.


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