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Press Release 2002

World's first 3G and GSM baseband processor produced by PrairieComm

February 11, 2002 - PrairieComm, Inc., an industry leader in UMTS baseband technology for wireless terminals, today announced the world's first single-chip baseband processor achieving both UMTS and GSM voice calls. PrairieComm's PCI5110 integrated baseband processor facilitates the design and production of 3G handsets similar in size to today's 2G handsets while increasing speed, improving performance and enabling advanced data applications. Voice calls have been demonstrated in
PrairieComm's laboratories in Rolling Meadows, Ill. and this demonstration will be on display at the 3GSM World Congress in Cannes, France, February 19-22. 

"As the world's first provider of a single-chip UMTS/GSM/GPRS solution, PrairieComm is leading and facilitating the testing of 3G networks and handsets," said John Diehl, president and CEO, PrairieComm. "As a result, PrairieComm is enabling its customer-partners to be the first to market with 3G multi-mode devices. No other company is able to offer this advanced technology at this point in time."

"With the number of worldwide GSM subscribers forecast to exceed 750 million in 2002, handset manufacturers are desperately looking for an easy and cost-effective means to incorporate 3G capabilities into their many existing GSM product lines," said Allen Nogee, Sr. Analyst, Wireless Component
Technology, Cahners In-Stat/MDR. "PrairieComm's PCI5110 is one of the best such solutions, as it provides manufacturers with an easy way to incorporate UMTS functionality into their terminals, while still maintaining a small form factor and low total parts count." 

PrairieComm's PCI5110 is the ideal baseband solution for multi-mode UMTS/GSM/GPRS terminals. Incorporating an ARM microprocessor and a TeakLite DSP core into its design, the PCI5110 enables a chip count comparable to that found in 2G handsets. With the PCI5110, the only major semiconductor
components required to build a UMTS handset are industry-standard Flash, SRAM and WCDMA/GSM RF.

With PrairieComm's multi-mode single-chip solution, 3G handset manufacturers can design and market competitively sized handsets with advanced features. Because the PCI5110 incorporates UMTS/GSM/GPRS on one baseband processor, carriers can rollout 3G networks using their existing 2G roaming agreements -- allowing them to provide ubiquitous coverage to consumers.

For more information:

Mobileinfo Comments & Advisory: PrairieComm's design of a single chip for both GSM and UMTS is an important step in allowing smooth migration from GSM to UMTS.It will reduce both operator and consumer costs - a win-win situation.



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