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Press Release 2002

Synchrologic Introduces Innovative, Next Generation Product For the Mobile Enterprise

Synchrologic Email Accelerator revolutionizes wireless email with radically enhanced functionality for Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino & POP/IMAP 

ATLANTA, June 25, 2002 - SynchrologicTM announced today it is launching Synchrologic Email AcceleratorTM, a 'next generation' mobile server platform for corporate Exchange and Domino servers. Synchrologic Email Accelerator provides mobile workers with unrivaled access methods, simplicity and broad device support while offering corporate IT with unprecedented manageability, security, and control. As part of the complete Synchrologic suite for managing enterprise mobile infrastructure, Synchrologic Email Accelerator serves as a key component for enterprises deploying a strategic mobile platform. 

Synchrologic Email Accelerator is the first product to provide true "push" updating on Pocket PC and Palm-based phone devices. Unlike current generation products, Synchrologic Email Accelerator provides broad synchronized device support (Pocket PC, Palm, laptop and mobile phone), built-in browsing capabilities from PCs and WAP phones and integrated mobile alert functionality in a single, easily deployable and manageable product. 

With its true "push" capabilities, Synchrologic Email Accelerator automatically updates a user's device with important email, meeting requests and reminders. Synchrologic Email Accelerator's push function supports Microsoft Windows Powered Pocket PC Phone Edition devices and Palm-based phones such as Handspring Treo or Kyocera. The devices are updated as soon as changes are received on the server. Synchrologic's support of push is the first solution to support mainstream PDA devices and wireless networks. It is compatible with devices running on popular wireless networks such as AT&T Wireless, Sprint, Verizon, VoiceStream and a number of European wireless networks. Additionally, to help break through email clutter, Synchrologic Email Accelerator can also send timely alerts to mobile phones about important email and events. Alert filters can be predefined by the user so that only the most critical information for that user is received - information such as emails from specific users, calendar updates and meeting reminders. 

Microsoft recently announced its Mobility Partner Advisory Council in which Synchrologic is a founding member. "By delivering innovative solutions such as push functionality in Email Accelerator for Pocket PC Phone Edition, Synchrologic is exercising the fundamental superiority of the Pocket PC platform," said Scott Gode, marketing director for Mobility at Microsoft Corp. "We're pleased to see Synchrologic deliver such valuable mobile solutions for Windows Powered enterprise customers." 

Going beyond ordinary PIM synchronization, Synchrologic Email Accelerator adds contextually- relevant information for mobile professionals. For example, through automatic integration with a user's travel plans, Synchrologic Email Accelerator anticipates user needs by putting details of their flight reservation into their calendar, syncing the full itinerary (flights, hotels, car rental information) into all their mobile devices, and even giving the user door-to-door directions, maps and weather for their trips. These capabilities return valuable hours to the mobile professional and will help companies exceed analyst predictions for productivity gains of $12,900 per employee per year for wireless email alone (Cahner's In-Stat Group). 

Synchrologic supports the diverse enterprise mobile worker population. With a single server implementation, an enterprise can support Pocket PC, Palm, and PC devices. Beyond that, Email Accelerator is SyncML-certified enabling compatible mobile phones to sync corporate contacts and calendar. 

Synchrologic Email Accelerator is tightly integrated with the other component products of its suite to offer corporations a strategic mobile infrastructure. With a single tap, a Synchrologic Mobile Suite user can update Email, PIM, corporate files, corporate Web-based data, and enterprise application data. With Synchrologic, corporate IT administrators need to use only one administrative console for managing their user community, viewing all logs and expanding mobile device support over time as needs change. 

"Synchrologic took the time to rethink the fundamentals of mobilizing corporate email," said Bill Jones, vice president of products for Synchrologic. "This product will put a smile on users' faces with innovative features such as push, preview mail, real time access and integrated info for business trips - all transparently delivered. Synchrologic Email Accelerator is built to interoperate with Synchrologic Systems Management and Data Sync giving corporate IT an infrastructure on which they can build a strategic mobile offering." 

Synchrologic Email Accelerator will be generally available in 3Q02. It supports the following:

Email Servers:

  • Microsoft Exchange 5.5 or 2000 
  • Lotus Domino R5 
  • Internet Mail Servers: POP3 or IMAP4

Device Types:

  • Pocket PC 2000, 2002, Phone Edition
  • Windows CE
  • Palm OS
  • Windows Powered PCs, tablets, laptops
  • SyncML compatible mobile phones
  • Mobile phones receiving SMS text messages


  • Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)
  • Internet Explorer

For More Information: http://www.synchrologic.com 

Mobileinfo Comments & Advisory: Synchrologic is among the selected set of mobile computing software vendors that are focused on providing value proposition to enterprises even in difficult economic times. Now, it is aggressively moving beyond its mobile asset management expertise to horizontal application space. Its relationship with Microsoft will certainly help Synchrologic. Its support for both Microsoft Exchange and IBM's Lotus Notes is noteworthy.

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