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Press Release 2004

MDSI Customer ATCO Gas Executes Own Upgrade to New Advantex Version Over Weekend

Richmond, B.C. (October 22, 2004) Over one weekend, MDSI Mobile Data Solutions has revolutionized the enterprise workforce management software market. Traditionally, upgrading such software has taken months, sometimes as long as the initial implementation, and has required the help of the software vendor or IT consultants. No more. Not with MDSI's Advantex.

After success at ATCO Gas, MDSI has proven that Advantex, the market share leader in enterprise workforce management systems, can be upgraded in no more than a weekend. And customers can do the work themselves, making Advantex the only software in its class that lets customers manage their own upgrade path.

As this was ATCO Gas' first time through a baseline system upgrade, the company wanted the comfort of having MDSI engineers on-site. However, in the end the ATCO Gas team was able to do most of the work themselves, making the process as simple and efficient as possible the benefit that the company foresaw when it had upgraded to the baseline version of Advantex r7.4, without any customizations, in 2003. With Advantex r7.6 offering numerous advancements over the earlier version, ATCO Gas decided that it was time to cash in on their foresight.

As a result of the upgrade, ATCO Gas users were quickly able to appreciate the changes. Dispatchers were thankful for the improved text messaging. Field technicians noticed enhancements in the mobile application, like better drop down menus and greater overall application performance. And because all of the configuration work that ATCO Gas had done in Advantex 7.4 was carried forward to the new version, users didn't have to relearn a thing.

MDSI sees the standard-setting upgrades benefiting its business as well. According to Erik Dysthe, MDSI's President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, "The ability to upgrade customers so quickly should help us close sales faster. Customers who would otherwise 'wait until the next version' before making a purchase decision won't need to that new version can be implemented in a weekend. Our gross margins should improve, too, as customers and integrators perform upgrade work and as our own implementation teams complete upgrades faster."

The revolution in upgrades is just another step MDSI has taken toward delivering "Advantex in a Box", whereby customers will be able to install, configure and upgrade industry-standard versions of Advantex completely on their own.

About ATCO Gas
Part of the ATCO Group of companies, ATCO Gas provides safe, reliable delivery of natural gas to more than 2.4 million Albertans in almost 300 communities. The ATCO Group is one of Canada's premier corporations, and is actively engaged in Power Generation, Utilities, Logistics and Energy Services, Technologies and Industrials. For more information please visit www.atcogas.com and www.atco.com.

About MDSI
MDSI is the largest, most successful and experienced provider of mobile workforce management software in the world. MDSI's software improves customer service and relationships and reduces operating costs by allowing companies to manage field resources more effectively. Headquartered in Richmond, BC, Canada, MDSI was founded in 1993 and has approximately 325 employees. The company has operations and support offices in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. MDSI services approximately 100 customers and has licensed more than 80,000 field service users around the world. MDSI is a public company traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (MMD) and on NASDAQ (MDSI). www.mdsi-advantex.com.

For more information, http://www.mdsi-advantex.com

Mobileinfo Comments & Advisory: MDSI has been in providing field force automation solutions for almost a decade. It has built a strong compliment of vertical industry solutions. As technology evolves and customers demand more functions, these solutions need to be rejuvenated continuously. As we all know, updating application software is a time consuming exercise. Any vendor who is able to migrate its customers over a 2-day period deserves a pat on its back. Well done, MDSI and ATCO Gas. 

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